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Wholesale! Chinese Vape Brand VPFIT Vgo 500 Puffs Small Slim Vape Pen

Discussion in 'Vape Talk' started by VPFIT, Dec 12, 2023.

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    Wholesale! Chinese Vape Brand VPFIT Vgo 500 Puffs Small Slim Vape Pen
    VPFIT Vgo Chinese brand vape introduction
    VPFIT Vgo is a 500 puffs small slim pod vape pen. It is a compact and sleek vaping device designed for convenience and portability. With its slim form factor, the VPFIT Vgo offers a discreet and comfortable vaping experience. Despite its small size, this slim vape pen delivers an impressive 500 puffs. Thus ensuring a satisfying vaping session on the go.
    In addition, the VPFIT Vgo features a simple and user-friendly design. This design makes it accessible to both beginners and experienced vapers. Moreover, with its reliable performance and easy-to-use pod system, the VPFIT Vgo is an ideal choice. It is perfect for those seeking a compact and hassle-free vaping solution without compromising on flavor or vapor production.
    Wholesale vape manufacturer, VPFIT best small slim vape!

    Vgo e cigarette Descriptions:
    Small size e cigarette pen
    with large capacity,big cloud feeling.
    Flat slim shape disposable vape pen. Scientific double holes mouthpiece.
    1.9ml eliquid provide 500 puffs smoking time.
    Precision air sensor control system to control power turn on/off to save power.
    370 mah pure cobalt battery cell. The best battery material. Support enough long working time.
    Atomizer part is 1.6 ohm resistance coil, no burn no leak.
    Pure fruit flavor smoking taste. 100% perfectly match each other.
    Super QC team job.Repeated examination to creat a super vape device to customers.
    Chinese Vape pen factory, shenzhen city manufacturer, disposable vape pen expert, expert e cigarette manufacturer since from 2008.

    For detailed information about VPFIT Vgo small slim disposable vape pen, view at E Cigarette Price 500 Puffs Slim Vape Pen Vgo Pod System.

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