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[Wholesale!] China Brand Vape VPFIT Pado 5000 Puffs Best Fruit Flavor Pod Rechargeable Disposables

Discussion in 'Vape Reviews' started by VPFIT, Dec 1, 2023.

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    [Wholesale!] China Brand Vape VPFIT Pado 5000 Puffs Best Fruit Flavor Pod Rechargeable Disposables


    VPFIT Pado is a 5000 puffs rechargeable disposable pod vape with best fruit flavor.
    Wholesale vape, the brand vape manufacturer VPFIT does not accept small quantity or B2C business.

    Pado disposable vape pen Descriptions:
    Aluminium alloy material main body with Oxidation technology to make rainbow colors. This is a great technology upgraded vape pens.
    Mesh filterd heating wire, provide you a average and pure fruit flavor when you are enjoy vaping life.
    650mAh capacity battery by type-C charging port, make sure above 300 times battery life. 100% provide stable voltage to the heating wire.
    disposable 12ml capacity eliuquid.
    Support up to 5000 puffs smoking quantity.
    Small size but big cloud. 1.2 ohm resistance heating wire. Big vaping cloud device.
    We are currently provide 10 colors(rainbow color as picture) for option. choose flavor fit for color. Food grade PC material mouth piece is black color.
    Wholesale vape manufacturer, 13+ years production experience in this industry. Welcome OEM and ODM.
    For more information about this vape, view at Disposable Vape Pen | PADO 5000 puffs | Lost Vape Smoke Mod.

    For vape retailers and resellers, selecting a reliable vape manufacturer is always a top priority. Fortunately, that's easy with VPFIT. As one of China's top vape manufacturers, they can offer premium quality products at competitive prices to their clients.
    In addition, they also have a large selection of vaporizers, OEM vapes, disposable vapes, rechargeable vapes, refillable vapes, nicotine vapes, non-nicotine vapes, e-cigars, tanks, accessories and more. This allows the vape retailers and resellers to find the best bulk items for their business. Additionally, their dedication to customer service and support also assure that all vaping supplies are covered when working with VPFIT.

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