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What's The Differnce Between FM COILTECH 5.0 and FM COILTECH4.0?

Discussion in 'FreeMax' started by freemaxvape, Apr 18, 2022.

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    The FM COILTECH5.0 is born for Freemax Maxus Solo 100W Kit, also called Double-D Mesh, upgraded from FM COILTECH4.0. And do you know what’s the difference between the FM COILTECH 5.0 and FM COILTECH4.0?


    FM COILTECH5.0/Double-D mesh is a closed circle but a traditional mesh of the FM COILTECH4.0 is an unclosed semicircle. That’s the big difference in the structure of the mesh coils. As for the Double-D mesh, the structure of a closed circle is the recipe for a 50% improvement in heating speed and flavors.

    The tubular mesh design of FM COILTECH5.0/Double-D mesh can offer a more stable structure to support the cotton and let the mesh fit closely with the cotton. Stable structure and maximum heating surface area contribute to even heat distribution, bringing you a more consistent vaping experience. Cooperate with the newly upgraded tea fiber cotton formula, you can enjoy unrivaled flavors and dense clouds.

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