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VOOPOO Drag X2 preview: Pod Mod Kit 80W

Discussion in 'Vapesourcing.com' started by Vapesourcing, Oct 26, 2023.

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    Hello, friends, we will todays meet the new pod from Voopoo. The vaping world is abuzz with excitement as VOOPOO unveils the next generation of their renowned Drag series, the VOOPOO Drag X2 Kit. In this post, we'll dive into what makes this device a game-changer for vapers.
    Unveiling the VOOPOO Drag X2
    The VOOPOO Drag X2 is the latest addition to the Drag series, and it doesn't disappoint. With its cutting-edge features and stunning design, it's set to become a favorite among vaping enthusiasts.

    Power and Performance
    One of the standout features of the Drag X2 is its power and performance. This device boasts an impressive 200W maximum output, making it a beast in the vaping world. Whether you're a cloud chaser or flavor connoisseur, the Drag X2 has the power to cater to your preferences.

    Advanced GENE Chipset
    At the heart of the VOOPOO Drag X2 lies the advanced GENE chipset. Known for its speed and accuracy, the GENE chip ensures rapid firing and precise temperature control. This results in a consistently satisfying vaping experience.

    Versatile Vaping Modes
    The Drag X2 pod mod kit offers a range of vaping modes to suit your style. Whether you prefer Variable Wattage (VW) mode for power control or Temperature Control (TC) mode for precision, the Drag X2 has you covered. Plus, the device's user-friendly interface makes switching between modes a breeze.

    Long-Lasting Battery Life
    A powerful device needs a powerful battery, and the VOOPOO Drag X2 delivers. With its dual 18650 batteries, you can enjoy extended vaping sessions without the constant need to recharge. Say goodbye to running out of power in the middle of your vape.

    Sleek and Stylish Design
    The Drag X2 isn't just about performance; it's also a fashion statement. It features a sleek and stylish design that's sure to turn heads. Its ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable grip, even during long vaping sessions.

    The VOOPOO Drag X2 is a testament to VOOPOO's commitment to innovation and excellence. With its impressive power, advanced chipset, versatile modes, long-lasting battery life, and striking design, it's set to become a must-have for vapers looking to elevate their vaping experience.

    Experience the vaping revolution with the VOOPOO vapes Drag X2. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting your journey, this device offers the perfect balance of power and style. So, why wait? Elevate your vaping experience with the Drag X2 today!

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