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VIVI NOVA TANK what one do you have

Discussion in 'Vape Reviews' started by darkavenger1, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. darkavenger1

    darkavenger1 New Member

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    I use and recommend the vivi nova tank east to fill, don't leak, gives good flavor and all round a good tank at a better than cheap price
    The first one i bought was from the e mod shop they where new, it was a V2 long wick .
    Worked so well i wanted another.

    I was buying my gal a twist and saw Tim @ emodshop had the long wick V2 vivi nova so i bought it and having a ball all was good in my world.

    Then on my interweb travels i saw some more v2 vivi nova tanks really cheap bought 2 and about 6 long 2.8 wicks, i got the package opened it saw the wicks and 2 vivi nova boxes didn't need to open the boxes cus all was well in my vaping world.

    The first nova i eva bought stopped working to night all exited i went to replace the head i screw it on and its now to long for the cap to screw on.
    Never fear i have 2 brand new tanks i opened both boxes and there V1 short wick

    The v1 posts are longer with shorter replaceable heads, the V2 have a shorter post with a longer replaceable heads

    i'd love to know what parts will fit the new vivi nova v2.5 tank

    I hate it when they keep changing stuff !!!

    Any way in the end it wasn't the head that was the problem it was something to do with the post that the head screws to or the pin that runs inside it anyway its in the bin now
  2. evangeline

    evangeline New Member

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    OK ROS ... my vivi novas

    Threaded Tube length 70 mm
    Bottom plate to top of bottom thread 6mm threaded portion 4mm
    top cap threads also 4 mm
    From top of base threads to top of Atomiser post 15mm
    Atomiser length when screwed into top post 12 mm
    Atomiser total length base post to top of silicon cap 19mm

    Air holes .. open centred 510 connector , no vents on side of connector post ... 2 air vents drilled in knurled side of baseplate that go all the way to centre core

    Long wicked heads ... three strands thru coil , 1 strand over top retained by silicon condom
  3. fedia

    fedia New Member

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    it is IDENTICAL to what Gotvapes is advertising as a 2.5

    note the breather holes in the side of the base plate instead of on the 510 connector post

  4. aannatuasd6105

    aannatuasd6105 New Member

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    Side by side 2.5 Vs 1


    2.5 also has the longer centre post in the 510 connector to avoid the shorting issues that were reported early on :)
  5. Janina

    Janina New Member

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    yeah i have 2 like yours and 2 way different. no ruler here with me
    Threaded Tube length same on both.
    The ones i have with air holes in knurled side of baseplate have a much shorter center post than the ones with the air holes with air holes @ center post above the 510 connection.
  6. Jack Benoit

    Jack Benoit Member

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    iTaste MVP 2.0 iClear 30
    Snake oil from Seduce Juice, pear/coconut/cream
    Thоsе wеrе my gо tо - Vivi Nоvа tаnk аnd а еGо Twist. Thоsе wеrе thе dаys. Thеy wеrе sоmе оf thе bеst tаnks аt thе timе, it's аmаzing hоw fаr wе'vе соmе. I rеmеmbеr whеn thе first Prоtаnk саmе оut аnd it blеw thоsе littlе Nоvа's оut оf thе wаtеr. I thоught wе hаd rеасhеd thе pinnасlе... hоw nаivе I wаs.

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