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Video On Freemax Maxpod - Any Kind of Vape Juice Compatible?

Discussion in 'FreeMax' started by freemaxvape, May 15, 2020.

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    Guys, do you get one pod system in hand that can be refilled with any kind of vape juice you like? Today I strongly recommend you the Freemax new product Maxpod Kit. As for me, Maxpod is so different from the other pod system in the market.

    Let’s watch the video on Freemax Maxpod to show if this pod system can be compatible with any kind of flavor you prefer?

    Maxpod is able to support all sorts of eliquid categories with various VG/PG ratios in the market, both nic salt and freebase. The compatible VG/PG Ratio for Nic Salt eliquids ranges from 5:5 to 4:6 to 6:4 and for Freebase elquids from 7:3 to 8:2 to 6:4, which means Freemax Maxpod matches 99% of flavor categories in the market.

    Sweet Flavors
    Sour Flavors
    Cream and Custard Flavors
    Fruit Flavors
    Candy Flavors
    Menthol and Mint Flavors
    Desserts and Breakfast Flavors
    Vanilla Flavors
    Berages Flavors
    Nut Flavors

    More video on Freemax Maxpod, please follow us on Freemax Official Youtube Channel.

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