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Vaporesso Luxe Kit Review

Discussion in 'Vape Mod Talk' started by zophies, Jan 25, 2019.

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    Three months after I made my first review of a vaporesso product, today I’m about to embark on a new journey into one of its latest and most acclaimed machines vaporesso luxe 220w.

    Yes, indeed. Our old acquaintance, the sub-ohm tank vaporesso skrr, which opened for us the doors to a world of new sensations, returns to our lives with renewed energy since, this time, it reached our hands with the mod for which it was conceived: the vaporesso Luxe mod ! Top quality sub-ohm vaping, as it should always be. The circle has closed…

    Many things have happened since that naive, first review where we managed to plug that 27.5mm diameter tank into the only mod we had on hand at that time, which only admits up to 23mm: the otherwise magnificent Vaporesso SWAG.

    We are proud to remember how the little mod took down that titanic task as the true legend it is,despite the obvious difficulties. But this belongs to another story, whose vicissitudes you can
    revisit if you search for it in our social media. We’re sure you’ll manage to find it.

    What occupies us today is the present. Or is it maybe the future? We’re not sure. What is certain is that, although the luxe 220w tc is a mod that has been out there for a few months already in a market that renews itself practically every week, it is still riding the crest of a beautiful wave,ruling from the top of the mountain, leading the electronic mod sector amongst la creme de la creme of the vape world… You get the picture, right? Without belonging to the high end or the “luxury” tier, Vaporesso brought to the table a set of features very, and we mean VERY remarkable with this 。LUXE kit.

    The first thing that we loved about it is that the design that we got to review was the Green Ape! Here, at Vape Cooper Reviews, we are as much passionate about monkeys as we are about vape.


    In front of us, we have a pretty small and very colorful box, representing the green and black colors of the mod itself, with a photo of it, which occupies much of the space on the lid. On one side there are printed some of the top features of this kit: Quadruple air distribution system, big ass screen, OMNI Board 4.0, etc …, and in the other side, only the word “Vaporesso”. Then, on the upper side, we see the slogan of this kit: “Welcome to the World of the Tailored Beast”.

    In the back of the vaporesso luxe mod you will find more details of what this product has to offer, all the information regarding the contents of the kit, licenses, company information, serial numbers and authentication codes. The texture of the box feel quite nice, like satin effect, although we do not see information regarding whether the materials used are recycled or not, so we assume that it is not. A real pity, because that would have been the cherry on top.

    It’s been a while since my brain started thinking obsessively of the characteristic odors that emanate from the majority of the new electronic devices which, in this world of technology and gadgets, is almost like a drug for many of us. Just like the songs from the sirens did with Ulises and his crew, it possess my mind and commands my hands imperatively to open the damn box without further delay. And then… sniff, sniff … oh, that’s what I’m talking about.

    As I get out of this cathartic and olfactory trance, The first thing we see is a reproduction stamped on a cardboard of the mod to real size! Similar to a specs card but nicer.Once we overcome this first shock and the cardboard was thrown away to the other end of the room like a frisbee, now for real: the LUXE with the SKRR on top, both presented in a white plastic sheet molded to measure. The tank comes as is, but luxe 220w kit is wrapped in some kind of protective mortise, in addition the classic adhesive plastic film stuck on both sides of the body to protect the glossy finishes and the screen.


    Under all this, we find the standard documentation, consisting of the quality control card, the info and warnings of the batteries, the instruction booklet and a very cute tiny envelope with the warranty card inside. Also, we get a micro-USB to USB cable with metallic features, an additional drip, spare rubber rings and an extra glass for the tank (capacity will vary depending on where you buy it)

    In addition to the QF Meshed coil (0.20 Ohm), that comes as spare in the kit, they give us a QF Strip coil (0.15 Ohm) pre-installed in the tank, which has a design very similar to the mesh, but with a pattern of round holes instead of a pattern in X. and you can always search google “Vaporesso QF Strip coil” and see some pictures of the whole thing.

    Specification of Skrr Sub ohm Tank :

    • 27.8mm diameter
    • 8ml capacity (2ml in TPD version)
    • 3 lower air inlets and quadruple air flow optimisation inside
    • Robust construction
    • Design for leakage and spit-back reduction
    • Bell-shaped core that distributes the air for a warmer and fuller puff
    • Top filling with child proof system
    • Compatibility with QF and GT coils
    • Comes in 8 different colors
    With good size and weight, The skrr tank looks like it can withstand one or two accidental falls without much troubles (except for the glass. That would break if you hit it just like any other glass). The air intake regulating ring offers some nice resistance but it rotates very comfortably, and the 510 floating pin is gold coated *bling bling*.

    The drip that comes screwed in the tank is definitely much nicer than the spare one, which is just a piece of black plastic, as it has a glossy lacquered finish with very cool glittery designs in it. Oh, and you heard it right: it comes actually “screwed” in the tank.

    The reason for that is the child proof system we mentioned earlier: To be able to fill it yourself and not your unruly offspring, you just need to unscrew the drip and press on the marked side of the lid so that it slides just enough to let the filling hole show through, where once can pour the e-liquid in. a child-proof security system, but it is much more practical and awesome than that.

    Someone say that this does not provide much security child-wise, others say it is impractical. honestly, it hasn’t bothered us that much, and it gets rid of the feared possibility of accidental lid opening while you carry the thank in your pocket, purse or backpack, avoiding accidental leakages over your precious belongings. The fact is that it works very well and takes literally two seconds to work it out.

    A very simple and effective design, reminiscences of a mobile phone from the pre-smartphone era become obvious, The large 2-inch TFT screen that covers a good part of the front side of the device, also the rectangular shape with soft edges that make luxe mod 220w very comfortable to hold. The body is made of a single block of silver-colored, texturized zinc alloy (the color depends on the design we have), with two shiny plastic covers on both the front and back.

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