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UK CHEAP: MASKKING Creamy 600 Puffs

Discussion in 'Wismec' started by wismecvape, Dec 20, 2023.

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    MASKKING Creamy 600 Puffs has a sweet candy color and a cute ice cream snow top shape, which is more distinctive and eye-catching than ordinary disposable vapes. I believe that its exquisite appearance will attract many e-cigarette enthusiasts! When you are attracted by MASKKING Creamy 600 Puffs and successfully buy this product, you will find that its taste and performance will never be inferior to other disposable e-cigarettes on the market, and it complies with TPD standards, making it truly high-quality and affordable!

    MASKKING Creamy Disposable Vape has ten fruit flavors to choose from, enough to meet daily needs. It has a built-in 50mAh battery and a 1.5 ohm mesh coil. Its nicotine concentration is 20mg, and it is pre-filled with 2 ml of e-liquid. The taste is smooth and delicious, and every puff can produce a wonderful experience, ensuring excellent flavor without the need for refills. All you need to do is start smoking to activate instantly - no other steps are required.

    The MASKKING Creamy also features an innovative loop design so you can easily attach it to a lanyard for smoking on the go. Plus, it features an 8-second timeout protection for added safety so you can enjoy a worry-free vaping experience, and when you're done using it, you can simply throw it away - no refills or recharging required!

    If you are interested in more details or a vape kit, pop into our best online vape store uk where you can find out more.

    I think these are good too
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