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U.S. Multnomah County flavored tobacco ban may take effect in January next year

Discussion in 'What's in the Vape News?' started by VPFIT, Dec 18, 2023.

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    A U.S. circuit judge in Oregon's Multnomah County ruled this week that a ban on the sale of flavored smoking and vaping products could go into effect in January 2024. Although the tobacco industry's appeal of a previous ruling upholding the ban is still pending before the Oregon Court of Appeals.

    Judge Ben Souede ruled on Dec. 13 that the plaintiffs in the case, the Oregon Tobacco and Vape Retail Association, No Moke Daddy and Paul Bates, “have an extremely low likelihood of success on appeal” and that “plaintiffs’ appeal has little chance of success.” There is no factual or legal support” for the injunction passed by Multnomah County Commissioners in December 2022 to take effect.

    Sued's ruling is a major victory for anti-tobacco advocates, who welcomed the court's decision.

    "The tobacco industry targets candy-flavored tobacco products. We applaud the judge's decision to protect Oregonians for future generations," said Brittany Grant, Western Regional Director for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. "Big Tobacco knows that candy, fruit and menthol-flavored vaping products are addictive for kids. We thank Multnomah County policymakers and community leaders for their fearless leadership."

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