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Tom Brady on final play no-call vs. Seahawks Theres always contact with that team

Discussion in 'Vape Mod Talk' started by ymakerpi8d, Jan 1, 2024.


Tom Brady on final play no-call vs. Seahawks Theres always contact with that team

  1. Tom Brady on final play no-call vs. Seahawks Theres always contact with that team

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  2. Tom Brady on final play no-call vs. Seahawks Theres always contact with that team

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    Sunday night's Seahawks-Patriots game that with just 11 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the result was still up Montrezl Harrell Jersey in the air. At that point, the led 31-24 and the game was going to come down to one play: The had a fourth-and-goal at Seattle's 1-yard line and needed to score a touchdown. As it turns out, that one play ended up being the most controversial play of the game. On the fourth-down call, threw a fade to that fell incomplete, giving the . 4th and Goal.Brady to Gronk...?Falls incomplete. NFL (@NFL) The play was controversial because everyone in New England thought that Seattle's should've been flagged for interference on the play, which is one of two reasons why Patriots fans were mad. How many times can the Seahawks get away with game deciding Pa s Interference calls? Asking for a friend. Daniel (@danieliannetta) The other reason Pats fans (and other NFL fans) were mad is because they believe the Seahawks seem to Patrick Beverley Jersey get away with controversial calls all the time. That's pa s interference on 31 teams in the NFL. Just not the Seahawks because "they are always physical." Sam Jagoda (@SamJagoda) The refs must be allergic to calling defensive pa s interference against the Seahawks when it's 4th and Game Danny Phantom (@D_Rey15) After the game, it seems that Brady agreed with at least one of the two complaints that Patriots fans were making. Although the Patriots quarterback didn't say the Seahawks should've been called for interference, he did say that Seattle always seems to be involved in plays with a lot of contact.Here was Brady's answer after if he was asked if he thought "there was enough contact with Rob Gronkowski on the final play to warrant a flag?" At first, Brady was coy. "I didn't see it," Brady said. Then Rodney McGruder Jersey , even though he didn't see it, he started to describe the contact on the play. "There was a lot of -- there's always a lot of contact with that team," Brady told reporters after the Los Angeles Clippers Jersey game. "Sometimes you get the call, sometimes you don't."The Patriots quarterback then seemed to decide that focusing on one play probably wasn't the best use of his time. "Certainly, it looks like the game came down to one play, but there were a lot of plays in this game that we could have done a better job of," Brady said. "They're a good team. We knew that going in and we have to play better than the way we played. We were just too carele s with the ball. They weren't. The turnovers were a big factor. We had our chances. We just didn't make enough plays."One person who refused to rip the officials is Patriots coach Bill Belichick. If Belichick disagreed with the call, he wasn't willing to admit it after the game. "It was a really competitive play," Belichick said. "I thought Chris Paul Jersey the game was well-officiated. They did a good job of letting the players play. I mean they called some things they had to call." That's either Belichick's way of complimenting the officials or insulting them. I can never tell with him.
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