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    Regardless of whether you are an active water sports enthusiast or prefer to relax in the water, with the right swimsuit you will feel completely comfortable and supported. It should not only flatter your figure, but also fit perfectly with the sport you practice. Do you prefer to go to the outdoor or indoor pool? Then it is advisable to choose a chlorine-resistant swimsuit.
    The tickets are printed out and the suitcase is packed. Finally we are going on a well-deserved vacation tonight. This time you have decided on an extensive beach vacation. Instead of historical sights, seven relaxing days with sun and sea are on the agenda. For the holidays you have bought extra stylish women's swimwear so that you also have several models to change. In addition to a classic bikini, a great swimsuit with cool cut-outs has also found its way into your suitcase.
    1.HT5115 swimsuit design and custom with your photos/pictures or text;sunflower swimsuit
    This FT5115 swimsuit T-shirt with briefs consists of short-sleeved T-shirt and briefs. The short-sleeved tops can cover the waist moderately. Soft, skin-friendly, quick-drying, elastic, finely processed. Chic design, stylish and sexy. If you want to know what your future favorite beachwear item will look like, then you should take a closer look at the swimsuit. The swimsuit in the fashionable dot is a must for playful bathers. With this great swimsuit you will steal the show from everyone else on vacation! It has a nice fit and enchants with cute details on the side.newborn swimsuit
    Other description:
    Material: 86% polyester and 14% elastane
    Accessories: short-sleeved bikini top and triangle bikini bottom.
    Design area: one-sided full image printing
    Image requirement: 1216 * 2000 px
    Application scenarios:
    Outdoor activities such as on the beach, sandy beach, indoor pools, etc. For all ladies.
    Washing instructions:
    Do not soak for a long time by hand or machine. Bleaching prohibited! The water temperature during washing should remain below 45 ° C.S

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