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Syrian opposition agrees to two-three week truce if Russia stops air strikes

Discussion in 'Non Vape Related News' started by news, Feb 20, 2016.

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    Residents look for survivors at a site hit by what activists said were three consecutive air strikes carried out by the Russian air force, the last which hit an ambulance, in the rebel-controlled area of Maaret al-Numan town in Idlib province, Syria January 12, 2016.

    Reuters/Khalil Ashawi

    GENEVA The Syrian opposition has agreed to a 2-3 week truce if Russia stops its campaign of air strikes on Syria, a source close to peace talks being held in Geneva said on Saturday.

    A truce would be renewable and supported by all parties except Islamic State, the source said.

    Russian air strikes begun last September saved President Bashar al-Assad's forces after months of military gains by rebels and turned the tide of fighting in his favor.

    (Reporting By Tom Miles; Writing by Raissa Kasolowsky; Editing by Janet Lawrence)


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    Well I have to admit I have really lost touch of what is going on in Syria lately. I remember back a couple of months when it was all the news was covering but since then it has really dissipated and I am just up to date with it all. It sounds like a lot of the same though, and of course Russia is having a heavy hand in what goes on. It is amazing how much the news can really drive my knowledge of what is happening around the world.

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