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Rincoe Jellybox & Jellybox Mini - Transparent Shining Box Kit

Discussion in 'Vape Reviews' started by Elegomall, Dec 3, 2020.

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    You goona love this fabulous box kit from Rincoe with transparent shell and shiny inside!


    Jellybox 228W Kit:

    Dual 18650 batteries bring 228W max output
    Transparent PC cover and zinc alloy frame
    6 LED lights and shine through into the full device
    Type-C charge port
    Multiple function and protection of chipset
    Temperature control brings you more comfortable taste
    0.96-inch colorful display
    4.8ml juice capacity with mesh coil for pure flavor

    Jellybox Mini 80W Kit:
    Powerful 80W with single external 21700/18650 cell
    Transparent PC cover with zinc alloy frame
    6 Color LED light for visual joy
    Type-C charge port
    510-thread Jellytank with replaceable mesh coil
    Bottom adjustable airflow design
    0.96-inch colorful display
    4.8ml huge juice capacity with visible PC tank

    Atually, the difference between those 2 kits are the battery, you can choose the one suite yourselfe better.

    Learn More:
    Rincoe Jellybox
    Rincoe Jellybox Mini

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