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[Review] Engeston 12-in-1 Kanthal 1 Prebuilt Wire Coil

Discussion in '3fvape.com' started by 3Fvape, Apr 28, 2017.

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    Hello everyone,

    Today we are going to have a brief view of the Engeston 12-in-1 Kanthal 1 Prebuilt Wire.

    The Original Engeston Pre-built Wire Coil kit including 12 types of wires and each type 4 PCS, totally 48 PCS. The 12 types are 4 PCS Stable coil, 4 PCS Tiger coil, 4 PCS Super Clapton coil, 4 PCS Staircase coil, 4 PCS Quad coil, 4 PCS Mix Twisted coil, 4 PCS Hive coil, 4 PCS Fuse Clapton Pro coil, 4 PCS Fused Clapton coil, 4 PCS Flat Twisted Coil, 4 PCS Clapton Coil, 4 PCS Alien Clapton Coil.


    Let's have a quick view of the 12 kinds of prebuilt coil.

    Quad Coil, 0.28ohm:


    Mix Twisted Coil, 0.4ohm:


    Super Clapton, 0.3ohm:


    Check more on http://blog.3fvape.com/atomizer/engeston-12-in-1-kanthal-1-prebuilt-wire-coil-unboxing-review/

    Thanks for reading,and all comments and suggestions are welcome.

    Only $8.99,considering take one for your atomizers ?

    Buy it now,enjoy DIY :)

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