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OXVA XLIM SE 2 Kit: Unleash the Power of Flavor!

Discussion in 'Vape Reviews' started by oxvastore, Feb 27, 2024.

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    OXVA XLIM SE 2 Kit: Unleash the Power of Flavor! ️


    Prepare yourselves for a vaping experience like no other! The OXVA XLIM SE 2 Kit is set to redefine your expectations with its impressive features, sleek design, and cutting-edge technology. Let's dive into what makes this kit stand out:

    **Key Features:**

    1. **30W Max Output Power**: Ignite your senses with a robust 30W power that allows you to customize your vaping sessions for the perfect flavor and cloud production.

    2. **1000mAh Bigger Battery**: Enjoy extended vaping sessions without constantly reaching for your charger. The XLIM SE 2's larger battery ensures you have the power you need throughout the day.

    3. **XLIM Series Cartridge Compatible**: Versatility at its best! The XLIM SE 2 Kit is universally compatible with XLIM Series Cartridges, giving you the freedom to explore a variety of e-liquids.

    4. **Stylish New Look**: Elevate your style with our kit's sleek new exterior design. It's not just a device; it's a fashion statement.

    5. **Voice Broadcasting Tech**: Stay informed effortlessly! Our friendly voice notification system keeps you updated on wattage, battery life, pod resistance, and device status, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

    6. **NicSalt & Freebase Compatible**: Whether you prefer the smoothness of NicSalt or the classic feel of Freebase, the XLIM SE 2 Kit caters to your preferences, offering a versatile vaping experience.

    7. **Highly Leak-resistant**: Say goodbye to messy leaks! The XLIM SE 2 Kit continues our commitment to a highly leak-resistant design, ensuring a clean and hassle-free vaping experience.

    8. **Colorful RGB Light Indicator**: Vape in style with our vibrant RGB light indicator, adding flair to each puff and providing a visual cue to your device's status.

    9. **6 Kinds of Colors Available**: Express yourself with a choice of six stunning colors - Black, Gunmetal, Silver Grey, Black Blue, Orange Blue, and Blue Purple. Find the one that resonates with your personality.


    - Output Power: 5-30W

    - Cartridge Capacity: 2ml/2ml(TPD)

    - Resistance Range: 0.3ohm - 3.0ohm

    - Compatible Pods: XLIM Top Fill Cartridge(0.4ohm/0.6ohm/0.8ohm/1.2ohm), XLIM V2 Cartridge(0.6ohm/0.8ohm/1.2ohm), XLIM Prefilled Cartridge

    - Refill: Top Refill

    - Airflow Control: Side AFC

    - RGB Lighting Effect: Colorful Marquee

    - Battery: 1000mAh

    - Charging: 5V/1A, Type-C

    - Material: Aluminium alloy+PCTG

    - Size: 24.2*14.0*112.7mm

    - Weight: 44.5g

    **Get ready to unleash the power of flavor with the OXVA XLIM SE 2 Kit! Mark your calendars for the launch on November 13th. Elevate your vaping game with OXVA!** #OXVA #XLIMSE2Kit #VapingRevolution

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