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Newly Launched: Vaporesso ECO Nano Pod Kit 1000mAh

Discussion in 'Vapesourcing.com' started by Vapesourcing, Jun 25, 2023.

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    The vaporesso eco nano kit is a masterpiece in terms of large capacity and light weight. If you are interested, follow me to see this new product first.

    The eco nano kit comes with a generous pod capacity of 6ml, but only weighs about 52g. It supports up to 13000 puffs with a single pod, ensuring long-lasting vaping enjoyment. Thanks to the underfill system, refilling the pods is a breeze. Simply remove the magnetically connected pod, open the refill port, and refill your e-liquid easily without any mess or hassle. With a built-in 1000mAh battery, it offers ample power to support your vaping sessions.


    The kit includes two pod resistances, namely 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm, catering to different vaping preferences. Equipped with SSS (Super Smooth Slider) Tech and COREX Heating Tech, this pod vape kit delivers consistent vapor production and satisfying throat hits. Whether you prefer a more intense flavor or a smoother vape, you can choose the pod resistance that suits your taste.

    In addition to its impressive performance, the eco nano kit is packaged in an eco-friendly manner. Vaporesso is committed to reducing environmental impact, and the kit's packaging reflects this commitment. Indeed, environmental friendliness and vibrant colors can coexist harmoniously! The colors range from sophisticated and understated tones to lively and eye-catching hues. With such a diverse selection of up to 14, you can find a color that perfectly matches your style and adds a touch of vibrancy to your vaping experience.

    This fantastic product is already available for pre-order on the best online vape store. If you're interested, please add it to the shopping cart.

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