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New Released: Freemax Marvos X Pod Mod Kit

Discussion in 'Wismec' started by wismecvape, Jun 7, 2022.

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    Freemax Marvos X Kit is a unique full-spectrum electronic cigarette. As the first set of products equipped with excellent lighting design, it will break the conventional electronic cigarettes you used in the past and bring you a brand new vaping experience.
    In design, the Marvos X Kit is inspired by Roman wars, sea gods, Neptune, the protector god Mis, etc. Powerful and luxurious.

    Freemax Pod Mod Kit is a product powered by a single external 18650 battery and can reach up to 100W. Allows you to enjoy a longer vaping time and ensure a longer product life.

    The device features a 0.96" OLED screen and provides five different colors of UI themes, allowing you to customize your own interface.

    FM Chip 2.0 is installed inside, with 8 protection functions, and also provides four output modes, Power/Smart/VPC/Bypass function, to continuously escort your vaping process.

    Matches the Freemax Marvos CRC Pod and has a child-proof design that keeps your kids safe from hands-on risk. You can also refill through the top. In addition, the new Dual D Mesh Coils technology makes the whole product have better heating function, and the efficiency of volatilizing e-liquid is higher. Gives you more clouds and richer texture. The two-side airflow control can design your own vaping style.

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