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New Released: Freemax M Pro 3 Tank

Discussion in 'Wismec' started by wismecvape, Dec 15, 2022.

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    Today I want to introduce to you a very atmospheric and reliable atomizer, freemax m pro 3 tank. This is a safety device with ISO 8317 protection certification. It uses a large capacity of 5ml and basically allows you to enjoy it for a few days. The vaping time can be easily filled by unscrewing the top cap without any risk of e-liquid leakage.

    The mouthpiece is the larger diameter 810 drip tip, so you get a bigger cloud and denser vapour with each inhalation. The adjustable airflow system at the bottom can customize the way of inhalation, and the airflow you want can be controlled more precisely.
    FM-COILTECH5.0 Double-D Mesh technology makes the taste of e-liquid more delicious and mellow, m pro 3 tank is compatible with m1-d mesh coil and 904l m2 mesh coil, so you can choose the coil according to your own preference comes. Low-resistance coils allow for more aggressive throat hits and DL vaping.

    Freemax maxus 2 kit is perfectly compatible with the tank, the overall design of the kit is gorgeous, it provides you with dual 18650 batteries and the maximum power can reach 200W, Power/VPC/Bypass/TC-NI/TC-TI/TCR mode allows you to operate More variety.

    If you are interested or like it very much, you can learn more about it through online vape shop uk.

    Quick Link: https://vapesourcing.uk/freemax-maxus-2-kit.html

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