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Just did my first 2 rewicks of a minivivinova YAY!

Discussion in 'Vape Modding and Technical' started by springfield, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. springfield

    springfield New Member

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    Just followed this with some wire and silica wick I got with my last order from ecigmodshop.

    4 winds; it works! I think one coil was a little loose and got a little burnt taste but by putting on the extra juice supply mod (cutting notches into the slicon cap) it wicks extra juice to keep it wet and it works fine!

    Then for an encore, advanced rebuilding, cotton rewicking! Got some packing .comze (used to pack wounds with); it's a thin ribbon of surgical .comze so easy to pull off the horizontal .comze threads and end up with a whole stack of threads, folded twice, cut to make all loose ends, wound with 5 winds this time (ambitious!) chucked it on my trusty SLB Ego VV and it vapes oh so fine! No shorts! I don't even have an ohmmeter! Clean cotton vaping! Must remember to keep it wet.

    So good to feel that even in the worst possible vapocalypse where all gear is banned I can still wind my own coils. Now for a few meters of wire! I can't see them banning surgical .comze!
  2. Jireeinvace

    Jireeinvace New Member

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    LOL rebuildables are the vapers survival kits ;)
  3. Lissa

    Lissa New Member

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    Nice one VoG, feels good to get a bit of DIY done eh? You'll find the cotton will make the vivi drink the juice big time but I guess it's a small price to pay for a cleaner taste and better wicking. Shame I gave up on my vivi, it just doesn't float my boat. I've never tried the 3.5 only the mini but they use the same heads so I don't see how much different they'd be.

    With any luck I'll get an STV from the health cabin comp so I'll give it a crack and keep an open mind.

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