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How Many Mesh Coils Can Be Compatible With Freemax Maxus Max 168W Kit?

Discussion in 'FreeMax' started by freemaxvape, Dec 20, 2021.

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    MX Platform is a newly developed atomization platform that is applied to new Maxus series products(Maxus Max 168W) launched in 2021 and beyond. The MX Mesh Coils also adopts industry-leading FM COILTECH4.0 mesh technology (Tea Fiber Cotton Formula & Military Grade SS904L Mesh Structure). Owing to the MX Platform, how many mesh coils can be compatible with Freemax Maxus Max 168W?

    Now there are four types of MX Mesh Coils available for Maxus Max 168W Kit: MX1 Mesh Coil 0.15ohm & MX2 Mesh Coil 0.2ohm & MX3 Mesh Coil 0.15ohm & MX1 SS316L Mesh Coil 0.12ohm. What’s more, MX4 Mesh Coil 0.15ohm and MX5 Mesh Coil 0.15ohm for Maxus Max 168W are coming soon.


    MX Mesh Coil Series Specifications:

    Freemax MX1 Mesh Coil 0.15ohm (Included in the Kit)
    Output Power: 50-80W (Best 70W)

    Freemax MX2 Mesh Coil 0.2ohm (Included in the Kit)
    Output Power: 60-90W (Best 80W)

    Freemax MX3 Mesh Coil 0.15ohm (Sold Separately)
    Output Power: 80-110W (Best 100W)

    Freemax MX1 SS316L Mesh Coil 0.12ohm (Sold Separately)
    Output Power: 40-80W (Best 70W)
    Temperature Range: 400~550℉ (Best 500℉)

    Freemax MX4 Mesh Coil 0.15ohm (Sold Separately)
    Output Power: 70-110W (Best 95W)

    Freemax MX5 Mesh Coil 0.15ohm (Sold Separately)
    Output Power: 80-110W (Best 110W)

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