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Hex 18650

Discussion in 'Vape Reviews' started by javvids9, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. javvids9

    javvids9 New Member

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    hex purchased from chilli arrived this morning.

    Took me a few minutes of head scratching to get it adjusted correctly, so many threads :)
    The main one to adjust, dismantle the bottom switch and the brass bit with the spring screws into the bottom bush to adjust for battery length, then screw down the insulator to act as the lock nut .. easy.
    I did not realise the bush was threaded originally .. doh!

    ECDmeter is reporting around a 0.3v drop at 1.5A with ego C and ego adapter .. so looking at around 200mΩ resistance for battery and mod.
    By comparison my indulgence v2 drops nearly 1v at these currents and 'vapes like a wet sock' is very apt.

    I do not know this battery well yet, so that may change and also a clean up with some conductive oil, I was eyeing up crc contact cleaner in the hardware the other day ..

    overall, a nice solid mechanical mod, very happy.

    The locking switch works very well, no chance of a misfire once internals are adjusted. Important for bike use. You cannot stand the mod on the switch without it firing unless locked though. No matter, Hex or cubes don't roll around on their sides.

    it will collect blemishes and scratches being shiny stainless, a neo magnet will not stick to the mod. Don't care .. plenty of room for polishing this one if you are so inclined, I'm not ..

    this one I bought for ego C as they never need over 4v, its wasted on a povari.
  2. dinasr3

    dinasr3 New Member

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    Nice mod the hex..
  3. Doberwoman

    Doberwoman New Member

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    They do look nice, I guess the only things that stopped me buying a 18350 version, was that you cant put it down without putting the lock on and that it is quite long/big for an 18350 mod. But I am particularly anal about not being able to put a bottom button mod down on its end without having to put the lock on. But if those things dont bother you they do look like a nice quality mod.
  4. a spring change would allow it, though it needs to fit in a slot on the insulator so the spring does not contact the centre.

    so its not trivial, i would like a more katana like pressure though, i will see how i go.
  5. LusiaXXX

    LusiaXXX New Member

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    yeah i was very close to getting one myself but the spring didn't look as easy to just swap out. In the end I got a GUS (PAPs) which will probably have the same issue anyway.
  6. Brittany

    Brittany New Member

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    oh, happily adjusts for longer protected batterys or short imr, nipple or no nipple .. , still has a few mm of adjustment left with either ..

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