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Genesis Reviews

Discussion in 'Vape Reviews' started by aribald, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. aribald

    aribald New Member

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    Thought I would start off a Genesis Mod Review section as they seem to be the flavour off the month with hardcore vaping enthusiasts, and on the verge of going main stream with so many modders and suppliers about to bring one out.

    I am a relatively new genesis user so take that into mind with my starting reviews, but hopefully I will encourage others to add their comments and reviews, to help potential new genesis buyers out.

    I will start out by saying that vapor production on a genesis mod can vary, based on your set up from at least as good as your best clearo/carto/atomiser set up on standard ecigs to around 25% better. Flavour is significantly better, and TH/Warmth can vary from equal to or cooler than standard gear. The longer you use them the better you can tweak them to what you like, but be prepared to spend many frustrating days at first just to get them going and a few weeks of fine tuning to get excellent consistent performance. Many people see some of the genesis video reviews of people blowing out huge vapor clouds, its possible, and the genesis mod when set up right out performs other gear, but with long inhales and the right juice, alot of standard gear can be made to look impressive too. For me the extra flavour and fact you can make up an atty when you want for next to nothing is the main selling points of buying an genesis atty, the bit extra vapour is a bonus.

    A wick will last up to a month and a coil around a week, so once you get used to making them, 5 mins isnt really much a week to spend making and repairing them. Throat hit will start off a little harsh sometimes for around the first 30 minutes but settle down into relatively cooler vape than say dripping on an atty, but simliar to an Ego C , but overall the plusses significantly outweigh the minuses for me with genesis atomisers.

    Heres a pic of a Katana in 18650 mode versus a SS line on a 1000 mah Ego Twist battery.


    Katana by POC
    Quick Specs

    Cost $220
    Stainless steel all in one mod.
    18650 and 18350 battery tubes tube attachments
    3ml plastic juice reservoir with outer stainless steel cover with slots to see juice level

    Overall I give this mod a 6.5/10, the out of the box set up tweaks are the main concerns and shouldn't need to be undertaken, but once you get through them, its a enjoyable mod. The bottom button is not the best as well.

    - Flexibility to cater for different battery configs
    - Well made, quality build (needs some tweaking out of the box though)
    - Tank is protected with the SS sleave/cover
    - Not alot can go wrong with this mechanical mod, so it should be long lasting
    - Excellent performance, once you get it set up (but refer below as its a journey with this mod for many)
    - With the delrin base, and even though the posts are close to the wick, i find that this setup is quite easy to avoid shorts, and secure the coils with the top screws
    - Comes with a spare juice tube and screws.

    - Can take alot of fiddling out of the box to get working. I bore out the juice fill hole and air intake hole, and adjust the top battery contact point, and the switch still needs working. As a newbie genesis user, its hard enough at first to get your wick and coil making basics in place, when you throw in the above adjustments, it will be enough to have many genesis newbies listing their katana in the classifieds before 2 weeks are up. If I had known of these issues before I bought it I would have bought another mod like the Zenesis or Orion most likely. However now that I have fought through these issues I am really quite happy with this mod.
    - Unless you use a kick with it, it is not VV, while this is not an must, I find with the Line it is really nice to be able to adjust the voltage/wattage to taste. Also as the wicks/coils wear in, its nice to again be able to turn the voltage up a little, as the ohm's performance drops down a little as the wicks settle.
    - A few threads are not perfect on the mod and a bit rough
    - The tank is not glass so need to be carefull with juice choices, but I have never had any issues with any plastic gear with the tobacco juices i use.
    - The juice fill hole has a real fiddly screw, so most would fill down the wick with a syringe versus using the juice fill hole. Many need to leave the juice fill screw out to get better airflow and this can lead to leaking when on its side
    - I prefer not to have a bottom button, as while this has a locking mechanism, its a pain to screw up and down when leaving it up right, and it is susceptible to inconsistent firing issues.

    heres a video review for a closer look


    The SS Line

    Quick Specs
    Cost $110
    Genesis Atomiser only with standard 510 connection to use on mod
    All SS body, except 510 atty connector
    Holds around 1.8of juice

    Overall 7.5/10 (as a newbie genesis user , get one of these ahead of a katana). Looses points as it is prone to having the atomiser connector snap is your not carefull, but use it with a shorty cone cover and you will be right. It produces maybe a tad less vapour than some of the others, but I tend to get a very nice smooth, warm vape from this atomiser, which keeps me coming back to it during the day.

    Quite thin (same as a ego)
    No need for any tweaking straight out of the box like the katana
    Excellent Performance
    For some reason a slightly smoother fuller vape than the katana - dont ask me why, suspect it is be.comse the cap is so small.
    Quality workmanship and will be long lasting if you dont snap the 510 connector (some have had to return them with .comlts on receipt as well though)
    Tank is SS so dont worry about what juices you use
    Cheaper and you can use on your existing mods, including VV devices so its nice to be able to tweek to taste. (Prefer using an ego twist as while they may be a bit long (1000 mah) they fit well and are more forgiving compared to others like the provari which will throw up error messages, unless the work is spot on

    Small juice capacity
    Prefer having screws to secure the coils not a biggy though
    Can leak if lefy on its side
    I find it slightly less forgiving in terms of shorts compared to the katana, but you soon master that
    Need to be very carefull with dropping, as the connector is weak and will break (use a shorty cone ego adapter to protect it)
    Very minor risk, but I wouldn't want to bend the coil posts too much.
    Doesn't quite blow the clouds of vapour as some of the others.

    Heres a video/tutorial for a closer look by the same reviewer as the katana. Its a line v2 versus the SS I have - main difference is the slots to see the juice levels

  2. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin New Member

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    nice Mick,
    Eagerly waiting to see some more models added to this to compare with'
    Dis a big tear down and rebuild of my iAtty today, working nice 1.7 coil @ 4V is very good but it's basically a good performing CE2.
    Can't wait for the DID to arrive
    cheers mate
  3. tintin

    tintin New Member

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    you do a great review mick.i will try to post something of relevance on the weekend.
  4. jlo9

    jlo9 New Member

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    Anyone got a RAT tank that could do a review?
  5. demirtaş

    demirtaş New Member

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    Bit lazy so will just do some ten second reviews.

    Orion v2.1

    Hybrid 3.7v device $200 plus
    Great small mod in 18350 or even 18650
    Hits hard and consistently, doesn't need vv
    Quality build and looks
    Easy to set up, great vapour and one of the warmer Vapes for a genesis, produces great flavour
    Great side button for those that hate bottom buttons

    Small 2ml juice capacity
    Built in drip tip, not for everyone, but not bad to use
    Can't use a kick as it is a +ve tube
    Many have experienced leaks and switch issues. The mechanical switch will only last so long, so longevity is the main concern with this mod

    Score - 8.0/10 if I could only have one genesis this would be it, so far. I like it so much, I have scored it higher than I should given the leaking and switch issues many have had, and needed to fix.


    Inverted genesis atomiser by sturm ! Can only buy second hand now

    Inverted tank really does keep the juice flowing very well
    Great vapour
    Quality build
    Very easy to change juice with the pull on and off juice tube, 2ml capacity
    Like the standard whistle tip, but I have a 510 adapter as well

    Inverted wicks are a little fiddly to set up, but not too bad, just an extra minute or 2
    Vape is quite cool as it has further to travel past the juice tank to your mouth
    Can get a Little condensation but not an issue
    Not really a con, but I think best suited to use with a vv mod, as a bit of voltage tweaking makes it shine.

    Score 7.5/10 great mod, if you don't mind a slightly cooler vape


    Genesis atomiser $100 ish delivered

    Can order from a site , no lists, is a big plus
    Vapes really well, middle of the road interms of vape warmth
    Easy to set up and pull part
    Solid build
    Good juice capacity, didn't check but around 4mls
    Can use Dct clear tanks without modding
    Relatively cheap

    Looks fine but perhaps not as flash as some other mods
    Draw is a bit airey, but not too bad! This may be a pro for some
    couple of threads are a tad rough, but not bad.

    Score 7.5/10 if you want an easy to get genesis and prefer airey draws this is the genesis for you.

    From left to right line v2 and twist, Orion, precise 16340 and GTank, uranos and DID, SS line and ego twist

    Gtank firing
    did firing
  6. Dave K

    Dave K New Member

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    Sounds like the best two is the Zen and the orion both hard to get.
  7. Ger.onE

    Ger.onE New Member

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    Mick, hole definitely lines up, it's mainly issues with getting hotspots for no reason.

    The ZAP and the DID for me are probably one of the harder ones to get right, where as the cobra definitely is easier to get right. I'll have to set aside another good day to play around with wick sizes etc to find the right wick size and play around with the coils as well (i find a lower ohms coil on the cobra is far nicer than a high ohms coil etc).

    Just need abit more patience with the DID and ZAP :)
  8. leelou

    leelou New Member

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    No probs they all have little tricks to setting them up.:)

    Just talking from my experience/learnings - IE on the DID I always used to get top coil issues and thought it was a DID issue.

    But I found out when using new mods that I was making the top coil too tight and it was cutting through the oxidisation and also having too big a gap between the wick and post, so when I next picked up and used the DID I didn't have any problems with it any more. It was just my technique that was a bit sloppy when I got the DID, but on later mods I had resolved it.
  9. The Clown Prince of Crime

    The Clown Prince of Crime New Member

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    Agreed. I don't really make the coils very tight around the wick, bit with the did i'm finding it real hard to get a stable coil. It always goes up and down, i dunno. Having the extra brass nuts definitely has helped setup wise :)

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