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Freemax - Win Your Thanksgiving Gift Now!

Discussion in 'FreeMax' started by freemaxvape, Nov 23, 2022.

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    Freemax Lighting Season comes now! In order to celebrate Thanksgiving, now Freemax invites you to join in the Thanksgiving activity in 2022. Every participant will have a chance to win a Thanksgiving gift.

    How to join in the activity?

    1. Pick the new Freemax item you want as a gift.
    2. Share the generated image on Instagram and comment with your reasons.
    3. Add hashtag #freemaxthanksgiving, follow and tag @freemaxvape

    Please click here to participate in this activity>> https://www.freemaxvape.com/thanksgiving-activity-2022


    Which product will you choose as your Thanksgiving gift?
    1. Freemax Maxus Series Products: Maxus Max Pro 168W Kit & Maxus Solo 100W Kit
    2. Marvos X Pro 100W Kit
    3. Freemax Galex Series Products: Galex Nano & Galex Pod System Kit
    4. Starlux 40W Pod Mod Kit
    5. Other Products: Twister 2 80W Vape Pen Kit & Maxpod 3 15W Pod System Kit

    There will be three lucky friends chosen to take the gift! And the valid time of this activity is from Nov 23rd, 2022 to Dec 8th, 2022. Please seize the chance. Do you want more chances to win Freemax vape devices? Don’t miss the next round of activities to win your Christmas gifts. The Christmas activity will start on 19th Dec 2022.

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