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Freemax Vape Kits: Which Series Vape Kits Do You Choose?

Discussion in 'FreeMax' started by freemaxvape, Feb 8, 2022.

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    Freemax has three series vape starter kits available now: Maxus Series Vape Kits, Marvos Series Vape Kits, and Onnix Series Vape Kits. The three series vape kits include box mod kits, pod mod kits, and pod system kits. As for you, which type of vape kits do you need in your daily vaping life?


    Freemax Maxus Series Kits are Maxus 200W, Maxus 100W, Maxus 50W, Maxus Max 168W Kit. M Pro 2 Sub Ohm Tank is for Maxus 200W; Fireluke 3 Sub Ohm Tank is for Maxus 100W Kit; Fireluke 22 Sub Ohm Tank is for Maxus 50W Kit. However, Maxus Max 168W Kit is one pod mod kit, originally paired with Maxus DTL Pod.

    Freemax Marvos Series Kits are Marvos T 80W, Marvos 60W, Marvos S 80W, and Marvos 80W. The Marvos DTL Pod can be compatible with all Marvos series vape kits. With one Marvos DTL Pod in hand, you can switch freely from one Marvos product to another. All the MS Series Mesh Coils can also support all Marvos series Pod Mod Kits.

    Freemax Onnix Series Vape Kits are Onnix 2 Pod System and Onnix 20W Pod System. Onnix 2 Pod is originally paired with Onnix 2 15W Kit, and Onnix Pod is originally for Onnix 20W Kit. However, the OX series coils can support not only Onnix 2 15W but also Onnix 20W.

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