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Freemax Twister Or Freemax Gemm, Which is Your First Choice?

Discussion in 'FreeMax' started by freemaxvape, Nov 17, 2019.

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    Freemax Twister Vape is still welcomed by many vapers in 2019, so how about you? Now let the Freemax Gemm Kit and Freemax Twister Kit put together, so which will be your first choice as your daily vape device?


    Listing the similarities between Freemax Gemm and Freemax Twister below:
    Both have an LED indicator to tell you the accurate conditions of itself.
    Both can fire up to 80 wattage output.
    Both coils adopts new diamond mesh structure and patented 90% tea fiber cotton & 10% organic cotton formula which refresh your flavors.
    Both comes with customized Kanthal Mesh Plate using laser with honeycomb mesh holes that enables the mesh coil heating instantly and evenly.
    Both chip has a host of protective measures like short-circuit protection and low-power protection.

    So can you help us find any other similarity between Freemax Twister Vape Pen and Freemax Gemm Pen Kit? Freemax Vape manufacturer China welcome you to write the comment below.

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