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Freemax Twister 2 80W: Turn Fully Anticlockwise to Lock

Discussion in 'FreeMax' started by freemaxvape, Jul 31, 2022.

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    Like Freemax Twister 80W, Twister 2 Kit is also a vape pen starter kit with the twist style variable wattage function. You can adjust the wattage of the Twister 2 Vape Pen Kit from 15W to 80W by a simple twister of the device’s base.

    But Freemax Twister 2 Kit has one more function that the Twister 80W Kit doesn’t have - Users can turn fully anticlockwise to lock to prevent accidental button press.


    The bottom wattage dial of Twister 2 80W Mod can be turned fully anticlockwise to lock the device and prevent accidental button press. When the device is locked, the fire button will not work, even for turning on/off the mod, so it’s safe to put the Twister 2 80W Kit in your pocket or bag.

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