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Freemax Maxus 2 200W: What’s The Difference From Previous Luminous Devices?

Discussion in 'FreeMax' started by freemaxvape, Dec 11, 2022.

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    Maxus 2 200W Kit carries on the advanced and fantastic lighting design with personalized settings and stunning light effects, allowing you to enjoy special full-spectrum vaping, and take your personal style to the next level.


    Do you know what is the difference between Maxus 2 Kit and previous luminous devices?

    Maxus 2 200W Kit not only has cool front lighting and back lighting designs but also has two sets of lighting control systems to provide more customized settings. The front lighting has 2 color modes (multicolor and unicolor) and 10 LED modes, including alternate, always on, circle, drop, flash, gather, rise, spread, tetris, and waterfall.

    In unicolor mode, there are three sliders for you to adjust the RGB values and create your desired color, then you will get millions of colors and a suite of cool light effects. Besides, you can adjust the light brightness and the speed at which the light effect changes, so as to customize your distinctive light effect. The backlighting has 5 LED modes, including breathing, spectrum, bi-spectrum, reactive, and strobe.

    The luminous design gives Maxus 2 200W a unique character that attracts a lot of attention at any time of day or night, but if you want to keep a low profile, you can turn it off manually or let it sleep automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity.

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