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Freemax Galex Nano With 3-Level Adjustable Output

Discussion in 'FreeMax' started by freemaxvape, Oct 20, 2022.

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    Freemax Galex Nano Kit supports variable wattage at three levels between 11-22W, allowing vapers to customize their desired output level and achieve the ideal balance of flavor and vapor.

    The output level can be adjusted by clicking the side button 3 times in succession, meanwhile, the LED lights up to indicate the current output level. When the output level is high, the LED color will show you the green color, and the output voltage will be at 4.2V; While the output level is middle, the LED color will show you the blue color, and the output voltage will be at 3.5V. However, if the output level is low, the LED color will become Red, and the output voltage will be at 3.3V.


    What’s more, you can check the battery level by single-clicking the side button. The octagonal area will display light with the color corresponding to the current battery level. Green is over 70%, blue is 35-70%, and red is below 35%.

    For more information about Freemax Galex Nano, please click here>> https://www.freemaxvape.com/galex-nano-kit

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