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Disposable Pod Vape System Prefilled Vape VPFIT Fitt [Wholesale! Discount for Bulk Vape Order]

Discussion in 'Vape Talk' started by VPFIT, Jan 23, 2024.

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    Disposable Pod Vape System Prefilled Vape VPFIT Fitt Wholesale! Discount for Bulk Vape Purchase Order!

    The Fitt series is a prefilled pod vape system released by VPFIT.
    One of the best pod vape in the market.
    It has precision main body material and food grade PC mouthpiece.
    With 9ml prefilled fuitful e-liquid, 550 mAh rechargeable battery.
    Support around 3500 puffs vaping.
    8 body color options, 8 standard flavor options.
    Also accept custom and OEM vape manufacturing!
    For more detail, view at Disposable Pod Vape System Prefilled E Liquid VPFIT Fitt Vape.


    2024 Chinese New Year is nearing! VPFIT push out this product for bulk purchasing discount!
    Get the floor price from our company now!

    VPFIT stands as a leading vape manufacturer of high-quality vaping hardware devices. We have over 15+ years of vaping products manufacturing experience since 2008.
    At VPFIT, we are not just a vape manufacturering factory; we are pioneers in the vaping industry. We are one of the earliest manufacturer in this field.
    In the past, we mainly focus on custom and OEM vape manufacturing service, mainly serve for our customer's brand.
    Now, we also created our own brands, the VPFIT. It has came into the market for several years.
    Nowadays, we have launched over 50+ vape products to the market. And we still keep push out 5 to 7 new products each year. Currently, we still have 25+ vapes for sale.
    We understand the importance of quality. Thus we make sure each of the vapes will need to meets the highest quality standards. We follow over 52 strict quality detection procedures.

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