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Digiflavor Etna RDA

Discussion in 'Vape Reviews' started by wiz4vape, Sep 13, 2018.

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    Etna rda comes in few different colors:

    - Blue
    - Gold
    - Black
    - Gunmetal
    - Rainbow
    - SS


    - Diameter 18mm/22mm
    - Height: 35.5mm


    - The peculiarity of this RDA lies in the concept of airflow.
    - Internal: central, under the coil, not adjustable but modular, for a concentrated and intense airflow that improves its performance.
    - External: air inlet duct with hexagonal profile, unscrewable for the installation of the modules.
    - 18mm single coil with two posts designed to position the coil exactly above the holes of the modules.
    - Top cap with locking system.
    - Exchangeable air restrictions with the supplied modules (and also with the optional ones)

    In the box:

    - ETNA RDA Atomizer
    - Drip Tip
    - 2 x Feather cotton
    - 3 x Airflow modules
    - Removable lip protector
    - Allen key
    - Hex Wrench
    - User Manual
    - 6 coils
    - BF squonk pin
    - Spare parts


    Etna rda is the new mtl rda by Digiflavor, this is very interesting mtl rda. Rda comes in few different beautiful colors that you can choose from. I received it in stainless steel color and I like the color. Etna rda is made out of stainless steel and build quality is really good. This is very small single coil rda, diameter of this rda is only 18mm, which is really good. In the box you will receive beauty ring and when you use this beauty ring diameter of the rda is 22mm, so if you want you can use it that way with bigger mods.
    Etna rda is made by Digiflavor and designers of this rda are from Italy, designers are Giuseppe Pappalardo and Salvatore Agrosì.
    Rda is very clean, you can see one engraved detail on the chamber and that is logo. I know that some people likes clean atomizers and this one as I said it is really clean. From the bottom you can see engraved "Etna", also you can see engraved "Designed in Italy" and "Etna by GP/AS for Digiflavor".
    Threads on 510 connection are good and here you can see protruding 510 pin.
    Under the drip tip you can see one plastic piece, which is actually lip protector and with that piece in my opinion rda looks better. On the chamber you can see one airflow hole. I like the package, because in the package there are 3 airflow modules, but you will be able to buy separately few more, but later I will talk about modules, also in the package there are even 6 coils and very good cotton.


    Enta rda comes with 510 drip tip with two o rings on it, inner diameter of drip tip is 6mm. With this rda you will receive one more 510 drip tip without o rings, inner diameter of this drip tip is 5mm. Both drip tips stands very nice on the rda and both are comfortable for using. I also tried few of my own drip tips that I use every day and everything is okay. Under drip tip you can see lip protector but if you want you can take off this piece and use rda without it, as I said I think that rda looks better with lip protector.
    In the chamber you can see notches that locks chamber in the place and that way hole on the chamber is matching with hole on the base. Chamber also has nice conical shape, which is always good for flavor. On the base you can see two o rings and there you can see the screw that holds airflow module in the place and also here is airflow intake.


    This build deck has two posts and coil placement here is very easy. You can place your coil in on two different ways, first, you can unscrew the screw just a little bit and put coil lead inside and then tight the screw, or you can take out screws and then place the coil leads inside, anyway it is very easy to place your coil. Only thing you need to be careful here is to clip your leads really good because chamber is very close to the deck and you need to make sure that there is no contact between chamber and leads.Screws are good and screws locks leads very nice in the place, smallest wire that I tried is 0.3mm kanthal. In the package you will receive 6 coils, which is very good, you will receive two clapton mtl coils and 4 coils that I belive are made from nichrome (ni80) wire. All coils from the package has the same diameter, diameter of coil is 2.5mm which is good for this rda. If you use 2.5mm coils, you can wick this rda pretty much good, but if you want to try 2mm coil, you can also do that, just make sure to have right amount of cotton to wick it good. Juice well is very deep.


    With this rda you will receive 3 different airflow modules:

    - Modul with 2 holes, 2 x 0.8mm
    - Modul with 3 holes, 3 x 0.8mm
    - Modul with 1 hole, 1.2mm

    Seperately you can buy 4 different airflow modules:

    - Modul with 2 holes, 2 x 1mm
    - Modul with 3 holes, 3 x 1mm
    - Modul with 1 hole, 1.5mm
    - Modul with 1 hole, 1.8mm

    So you can use here even 7 different airflow modules, which is really good, because basically everyone can find something that he likes, with some of modules airflow is very restrictive and with other modules there is more airflow. Someone will like less airflow, others will like more airflow, but anyway you will need some time to see what is best for you. I like to use few of modules, personally for mtl I like tight airflow.
    When you want to change the airflow module you need to unscrew big screw on the base, that screw holds module in the place. When you unsrew the screw you can easily take off the module and replace it with other module that you want to try. You can use tweezers to change airflow modules, or you can change modules with your fingers, whatever is easier for you, personally I use tweezers to change modules. In order to change the module you will need to take off your coil but when you find your favorite module you will not change modules too often so don't worry about that. In the package you will receive tool to unscrew the screw.


    With this RDA you will receive squonk pin and regular 510 pin. You can use etna rda with regular 510 pin if you don't have squonk mod because juice well is very deep and it can hold good amount of e liquid which is very good for mtl rda. Airflow module is placed high so there will be no leaking if you want to paint on your coils with e liquid. Anyway when i use this RDA with regular mod there is no leaking whatsoever.
    If you want to use this RDA with squonk pin it will work even better, e liquid will go through the squonk pin under the airflow module and fill the juice well.
    I tried different coils here, I tried coils from the package and I also tried kanthal coils with different diameter and resistance, I tried 2mm and 2.5mm coils, basically rda works good with all coils that I tried. Personally I like the most to use here 2.5mm kanthal coil on 12-13watts, vapor production is good, throat hit is good as well. My favorite airflow module is the one with two holes, with 0.8mm each hole. Airflow that way is very restrictive and for me airflow is perfect. Etna rda is very small rda and I like that they decided to made very small rda, diameter of the build deck is smaller than 16mm and coil is placed high, so I can say that flavor is very intense, this rda produce very good flavor.
    I can't complain about anything here, package is good with even six coils, flavor is good, build quality is good, you can place your coil here very easy and you can change ariflow modules which is very good feature. Maybe someone won't like that you need to take off your coil to change module, but I think that this is not a problem because you will fast find your favorite airflow module.
    Basically this is very good rda for mtl vaping and if you like mtl rda's you definitely need to try this one.

    You can get it here: Etna RDA


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