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Chinese New Year is comming! China Vape Factories Start the Holiday Time

Discussion in 'Vape Talk' started by VPFIT, Feb 1, 2024.

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    The Chinese New Year is comming in a few days. Most of the vape manufacturers and companies are going to start the holiday.
    The holiday time is about 14 days. In recent days, most of the manufacturers and companies have end the production of 2023.
    VPFIT, the famous vape manufacturer, will start the holiday after Feb 2th.
    Our holiday time is from Feb 3th to Feb 16th. We will back to work on Feb 17th.

    Here, we wish all friends a Happy Chinese New Year! Also wish you the best luck in 2024.

    In the next year, VPFIT will start to expand the vape business to more countries and regions. We will look for more vape distributors, wholesalers and retailers to cooperate.
    Welcome to contact us, visit our two vape manufacturing factories in Shenzhen, China!
    Let's work together to explore the vape market in your area!!

    See you after Chinese New Year!!

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