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Box Elder Nicotine Liquid

Discussion in 'Vape Reviews' started by Sim - plicimus, Sep 24, 2015.

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    (This is not a review of the test method. Personally, I'd go for the supersports nicotine test - much more efficient).

    1mL Nicotine Liquid (Box Elder, PG100%, 100mg/mL L-Nicotine)
    6 drops of Bromthymol Blue
    Distilled Water added up to 3mL mark

    Continued to add 0.12N Sulfuric Acid until solution went yellow.

    Amount of 0.12N Sulfuric Acid was ~4.9mL

    4.9 x 19.47 = 95.403 (test carries a +/- 2-4mg margin)

    I'm happy with this. The only problem with Box Elder that I've read (apart from it's historical mishap) is that the guy running the show is very silent on the customer service side of things (rarely answer emails). I didn't bother sending any extra emails or any emails for that matter. I just made my order, and waited for it to come in. I planned to simply take it to paypal if 45 days had passed with no receiving.

    But there were no problems. It took about 2 and half weeks to get here. The liquid seems fine. No strong odour of any kind. Nicotine Concentration seems to be in the ball park.

    I don't have any issues with recommending Box Elder. They have their liquids quality controlled these days. It seems fine.

    $115 for the bottle and shipping may be a little steep. But a bottle of this density and this quantity should last a fair while.

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