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Anyvape CVI VV/VW Mod (SGL ZMAX based)

Discussion in 'Vape Reviews' started by gia, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. gia

    gia New Member

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    Hi everyone,

    this thread is dedicated to this device which is just hitting the European Market right now:

    Anyvape CVI

    It is an aluminium VV/VW tube mod (18650, 2x18350 or 1x18350 configuration possible) available in different colours with an OLED matrix display. The electronics is very similar to the circuitry used in the SGL / Sigelei ZMAX RMS OLED.

    We were lucky enough to grab one of these and here is our technical review, as usual with lots of numbers:

    VV/VW-Akkutrنger Anyvape CVI oder:.comf dem Gerنtemarkt wirds bunt.. » Mountain Prophet

    Yeah, it is in German - but there is a google translate feature in the left menu.

    Price point is approximately 50€ (£40) here in Germany.

    Curious if any canadan vendor is going to or is already offering it, maybe by a different name?
  2. Breaking Point

    Breaking Point New Member

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    Would be good, they look all right :)
  3. mariasexi44

    mariasexi44 New Member

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    Phil has a review of that coming out soon. It uses the Sigelei internals yeah?
  4. sarepot

    sarepot New Member

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    From that product page link : Max Amper: 4A
    I like that if it is true.

    Kinda strange how the red one has a red anodized head & the other colors have plain alum heads...
  5. 999hours

    999hours New Member

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    LMAO gotta love google translate, here's the translation into English from the first paragraph: "Not long ago we were moaning about the locust plague mediocre battery carrier, culminating in a hefty sermon for Sunday - that was in September. Meanwhile, we do as testers to create the short distances, in the recent strikes a promising device for the next - may have her go ... Today's turn: The brand new VV / VW battery carrier "CVI" of Anyvape ."

    WTF is a "locust plague mediocre battery carrier" ?

    Edit: For those that want the "dumbed down" version of the results of testing:


    Only slightly more expensive than the Vamo , but visually in the "Version 1" design. an entire class prettier (or two, or 5) One thing is certainly not of the Vamo: a design gem - the old homicide beatings with rubber studs ;-). In addition, the annoying incompetence of Vamo manufacturer in terms of battery springs now quite formidable.

    Yes, the slim Zmax V2 is not the CVI also ran, but for the Zmax does not cost twice that amount. Aside from a few new colors are also rather nice - only stainless steel as Smoktech is permanently somehow sad.

    In a nutshell:

    At the moment, the CVI provides the best value in the VV / VW battery makers with ZMAX-like electronics. In design, feel, appearance and processing of CVD is well above the Vamo, priced well below the turn Smoktech ZMAX RMS or Sigelei ZMAX.

    Technically there is nothing wrong at the CVI, since the mentioned devices take each other due to the virtually identical control electronics anyway.

    So strong buy recommendation for the CVI ... "

    Thanks Sabbel :)

    PICKLES New Member

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    Just look at our table of numbers for the CVI:



    In electrical performance, it is almost identical to the ZMAX RMS, the VAMO or the Sigelei ZMAX.

    Max. measured true current (RMS) in 18650 single batt: 3.3A (@ 1.4 ohms)
    Max. measured true power (RMS) in 18650 single batt: 15.5 Watts (@ 1.4 ohms)

    Max. measured true current (RMS) in 2x18350 stacked batts: 4.3A (@ 1.4 ohm)
    Max. measured true power (RMS) in 2x18350 stacked batts: 26.4 Watts (@ 1.4 ohms)

    Yes, it does.

    Slightly different variation of the Sigelei ZMAX internals fixed to RMS mode (no 8th menu) - good thing! -, no 5-klick-on (device is always on) an some minor differences.

    Here is a video by some European vendor about the CVI which shows the menu:


    So you can see by yourself that everything is pretty much like with the Sigelei.

    And for the electrical numbers, see our measurements. The CVI, in numbers, is perfectly right and not siginificantly different from any other "ZMAXish" device.

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