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Confessionals - Most Commented

  • I regularly answer the door while holding syringes and wearing gloves. My house is probably going to be raided by police looking for a meth lab.
    #38, Guest, Feb 15, 2016
  • I vaped in the toilet on a flight to Mexico, was bricking it thinking I would get caught but it was fine. :airplane:
    #37, Guest, Feb 15, 2016
  • I have half my vapemail delivered to work and the other half delivered to home, so wife doesn't start to question how much I'm spending. :bank:
    #36, Guest, Feb 15, 2016
  • I have a small heart attack every time there is a new scratch on my favorite mod
    #35, Guest, Feb 15, 2016
  • I once jumped straight in and bought some juice after seeing a review. When it arrived I realised in my excitement/eagerness I'd obviously not paid full attention to the reviewer and thought he'd said French Pipe tobacco not French Sewer Pipe tobacco. :screamcat:
    #34, Guest, Feb 15, 2016
  • I couldn't care less about the Provari :eek:
    #33, Guest, Feb 15, 2016
  • I'm living on 4hrs sleep, vapour, coffee and reviews of mods & tanks..
    #32, Guest, Feb 15, 2016
  • I rebuild coils even when they're perfectly fine, just because I can and I find it fun!
    #31, Guest, Feb 15, 2016
  • I go though more cotton pads, using the cotton for wicks, than my girlfriend does :fearscream:
    #30, Guest, Feb 15, 2016
  • I smoke my home brew custard at work because a pretty girl that works in the same building once told me she loved the smell.
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    #29, Guest, Feb 15, 2016