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Confession: #53

  • I refuse to buy anything made by Aspire because my husband and I had several bad experiences with the Nautilus tank. I ended up going back to smoking because the tank was so horrible and I couldn't replace it for the longest time.
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    #53, GamerLady, Mar 2, 2016
    1. Thanks for posting feedback, it's nice to hear what others who have tried different things have to say about products other have not used or are thinking of using.
      VirtualBusyBee, Mar 6, 2016
    2. I had a nautilus tank, tried the big one first then the mini, but I agree that both are just as bad as each other, the flavour is not good on any of them and the coils last days rather than weeks. It actually seemed at one point that I was not getting any flavour from my juice at all because of the coils! I decided to go for the Aspire Atlantis and to be honest I have never looked back. It uses different coils to what the nautilus has and they tend to last me a long time, especially now I have opted for the ceramic coils rather than the normal ones! I tend to get anywhere up to 3 weeks use out of one.
      daniel hancock, Apr 6, 2016
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