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You know you're a vaper when...

Discussion in 'Vape Talk' started by 2810elchino, Sep 8, 2015.

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    If there is another thread like this feel free to remove Mods, but I did a search and couldn't find one. I saw this on FB (Cyclops Vapor) the other day, and it made me comgh. I do not claim ownership of this, apart from the first one :)

    You smell something and think... That smells like (name most similar juice flavour) Juice!!!!!!

    You vape in the car with the windows down and everyone behind you is driving with fog lights on.

    Your vaping supplies are neatly organized so you can find everything but you haven't seen your &^%$# keys in two days.

    You plan vacations around vape meets.

    Your cell & mp3 players are both dead becomse every USB outlet has a battery charger on it.

    The mailman is your best friend and the most hated individual in your world at the same time.

    You jump in the car with your PV, liquid spares, money, wallet, purse, shades, etc. but no keys.
    (Seriously... where the hell are the keys?)

    When you look at any cylindrical tube and wonder if you can make it into a mod.
    note: empty toilet paper rolls don't work.

    You double fist two flavours at once.

    You choose your mod based on what you're wearing that day.

    You play with vapour clouds like a kid with a bubble gun.

    You're late for work becomse you couldn't decide which mod to take with you.

    Spaces that were once occupied by convenience lighters are now occupied by juice bottles and clearomizers.

    You see a flashlight and think "I could vape that".

    You special ordered a 20ft micro-USB cable for tethered vaping around the house.

    You've daydreamed of a solar powered unit for unlimited vape time.

    You bought a tackle box... but it isn't for fishing.

    You have 60 different bottles of juice but you're panicking becomse your favourite is almost empty.

    You name your PV.

    You try a new mixed drink flavour and wonder if you can recreate it for vaping.

    You can walk through a crowded space sucking on something that looks like a nose hair trimmer, producing clouds that smell like
    bananas, and don't notice that people are staring at you.

    You never got the madness of Black Friday until the first time you saw the words "vape sale".

    You see someone holding a Blu and feel a super-hero like drive to rescue them.

    You have dessert flavours specifically for after dinner vaping.

    You stealth vape just becomse it makes you feel like a ninja.

    You plot out your day by flavour, not by activity.

    You vape so much you can pick out cloud formations in your living room and it's starting to look like rain.

    You keep a paperclip handy at all times as the ultimate repair tool.

    You've stuck a pen in your mouth before realizing it wasn't your PV.

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