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Why does Dr. Good Dab have the best dab pens?

Discussion in 'New Vapers Forum' started by Dr Good Dabs, Jan 13, 2020.

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    If you are looking for good reasons to choose one best dab pens brand over another, then here for you is an easy-to-read list of reasons why the best is at Dr. Good Dabs:


    When purchasing dab pens from Dr. Good Dab, you get a choice of three unique blends that you can only get here.

    Oils are 100% additive free with no trace of VG, PG, vape juice, added terpenes natural or artificial, MCT oil, or anything other than de-waxed, hand crafted, 100% pure full spectrum cannabis oil.

    THC percentages are clearly listed in each product’s info section and range from 70-90%.

    Smoking oils are sourced from pesticide free, hand trimmed, hang dried, and indoor grown BC bud.

    We work with experienced cannabis growers such as Rocky Ridge Farms, Arty’s World, Bike Boys Buds, other top shelf BC growers.

    Pen set-up and refills are convenient, easy, and discreet for the best experience whether in a public space or the privacy of your own home. The battery comes in two colors!

    In other words, when buying from Dr. Good Dab, you will know exactly what you will be get, and what you get will be the best.

    Customer Satisfaction

    If the facts have not convinced you yet, then go ahead and see what our customers think by going to our homepage and reading some testimonials. Words not enough? Take a gander at many happy faces in our Videos section, where you can see the best dab pen in action. Our happy customers have enjoyed their dab pens in a variety of locations, and all of our products are sampled by a panel of clients to ensure that you receive the best quality possible. Join the Dr. Good Dabs family today!

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