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Vapormo.com Super Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale!

Discussion in 'New Vapers Forum' started by vapormoli, Nov 22, 2021.

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    Vapormo.com Super Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale! Automatically give every order a 10% discount! We Support VAT free! Ends November 30, 2021.Today I bring you the following products. Our activity is very strong. If you are interested, please continue to read it:
    1.vaporesso target 200 VS vaporesso target 100
    Vaporesso TARGET 200 TARGET 80/100 comes with With the extraordinary enclosure like casing, the TARGET 80/100 can take on greater battery for a more extended vaping day. Also, At the point when you hold it, it will invigorate your brain and quickly catch your heart by its surface, solace, and class, just as its adaptability. TARGET 100 is controlled by a solitary 21700/18650 battery (excluded), and it can start up to 100W so there was sufficient ability to mess with. TARGET 200 can hold an outside double 18650 battery, which has 5-220W variable wattage, the adaptable and stable force is the strong sponsorship for the MTL vaping. Joined with the iTank Sub Ohm Tank, you can accomplish the most phenomenal and interesting fume creation.
    Vaporesso TARGET 200 and TARGET 80/100 comes With the extraordinary enclosure like casing, the TARGET 80/100 can take on greater battery for a more extended vaping day. Both are best at their own.
    2.Details of koko prime

    Uwell KOKO Prime Kit is a top refilling pod system kit that is known as an upgraded version of Uwell KOKO. Equipped with the same compact form factor as the original Caliburn Koko, the Koko Prime is powered by a 690mAh built-in battery with a 15W max output. It is compatible with Caliburn G pod and coils. There are 2 types of coil: UN2 Meshed-H 0.8ohm Coil(Slod Separately) and FeCrAl 1.0ohm Coil9(Pre-installed). Both of coils atomize e-liquid evenly and last longer. And with Uwell's exclusive patented Pro-Focs flavor testing technology, the KOKO Prime brings you pure and dense flavor. Besides, it adopts ingenious airway design to provide you with 2 different vape experience when the pod is installed in different directions. like a restricted direct to lung vape and a mouth-to-lung vape. Moreover, it supports replaceable magnetic decorative panels to add more fun to the product, which can be easily replaced. And to free your hands and pockets, it comes with a lanyard, a fashionable accessory. Last but not least, you can easily konw the working condition and battery levels with an indicator light.
    3.Details of heavy hitter mech mod

    Timesvape Heavy Hitter Mod is an innovative and Unique 2X700 Mechanical mod collaboration between TenaciousTXVapes, Heavy Metal Vaper, and Timesvape. Heavy Hitter Mechanical mod which include a 28mm body tapered to 26mm at the 510 to accommodate 26mm atomizers, however, included in is a 28mm top section that is easily switched by just unscrewing, the underside of the contacts are a cup and ball type of system which reduces the chance's of hot buttons caused by arching as the surface area is greatly increased. It is a innovative and Unique 21700/ 20700 Mechanical mod collaboration between TenaciousTXVapes.

    Same taste, different results! If you are bothered by smoking cessation, come and try e-cigarettes! It's just that our activity is strong, and you can enjoy a 10% discount when you place an order. Don't come back when you don't miss the opportunity. Just click on our product link and take away your beloved baby!

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