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Vandy vape kylin v2 RTA review

Discussion in 'Vape Reviews' started by wiz4vape, Nov 6, 2018.

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    I received Kylin v2 RTA from Vandy vape for the purpose of this review.

    Kylin v2 comes in few different colors:

    - Rainbow
    - SS
    - Gun metal
    - Matte black
    - Gold
    - Blue
    - Frosted grey



    - Diameter: 24mm
    - Height: 38mm
    - Capacity: 3ml/5ml

    In the package:

    - Kylin v2 RTA
    - Coil lead guide
    - Glass tank 3ml
    - Two coils
    - 810 drip tip
    - Bag with spare parts


    Kylin rta and kylin mini rta are very popular atomizers, now from Vendy vape comes a new kylin v2 rta. On this rta we can see improvements and there is difference between this one and kylin rta. You can buy this rta in 7 different colors which is nice. Package is nice, in the package you will receive two coils which is great, also in the package there is coil lead tool which you can use to measure the length of the leads and place your coils easier. Build quality is very good, as you would expect, machining is very good. Diameter of this rda on the bottom is 25mm, but above the airflow ring it is a little bit wider, height of this rta is 38mm. You can see a lot of details on the kylin v2, on the top cap you can see nice engravings and you can also see one engraved spot where you need to push the top cap in order to fill the rta.
    On the bottom of the atomizer you can see similar engravings as on the top cap. On the chamber you can see engraved "Kylin II" and on the chamber there is also engraved logo. From the bottom of the rta you can see engraved "Kylin II", "Designed and manufactured by Vandy vape" and you can see engraved "Steven Z".


    On the top of the rta will be pre installed resin drip tip which I really like, this is 810 drip tip and you can use here any other 810 drip tip without any problems. Drip tip stands perfectly in place and I really like to use this one, it looks gorgeous in my opinion and it is comfortable for using. Height of the drip tip is 7mm, inner diameter is 12mm. The other drip tip that you will receive in the package is 810 drip tip as well, this one covers the top of the rta and it looks interesting, on the picture you can see how it looks, this one isn't bad for using but I really prefer to use the resin drip tip, it is perfect for me. Height of this drip tip is 7mm, inner diameter is 11mm. In the package there is 510 drip tip adapter as well and you can use 510 drip tips on this atomizer if you like.


    So, kylin 2 is top fill atomizer and I like it, I prefer this top fill system and it is better in my opinion than previous kylin. On the top cap there is one engraved spot and on the spot you need to push the top cap in order to open it and fill the tank. This system works good and there's nothing that I can complain about here, you can feel nice amount of restrictiveness when you push the top cap. When you push the top cap you can see the hole where you will fill the tank, the hole is big and I belive that you will not have any problem when you want to fill the rta. Because of this top fill system you can very easy and fast fill the tank which is a huge pro.


    Kylin 2 comes with pre installed bubble glass tank. Capacity of the bubble glass tank is 5ml, which is great, personally I like the capacity. I prefer to use kylin 2 with bubble glass tank because of the capacity of the tank and it looks beautiful to me with bubble glass tank. In the package you will also receive one regular glass tank, capacity of the regular glass tank is 3ml, which is again okay because you can fill the atomizer any time very fast. O ring that holds the tank on the top is good and you can unscrew the base only and change your coil or cotton if you wish, even if there is e liquid in the tank.


    On the base you can see the airflow control ring, on the ring you can see engravings that helps with airflow adjustment. On the airflow control ring you can see two airflow holes and there is a stopper, which is good. You can adjust airflow without any problem on this rta, what you adjust on one side it will be the same on the other side. The airflow control ring is a little bit loose, but not to much, there is no chance that ring can move randomly, even you can't move it randomly, where you leave it it will stay there.
    So, here we have the postless build deck and placing the coils here is not hard at all, trust me. In the package you will receive the coil lead tool that you will use to measure the length of the leads so you can know where to cut the leads. Once you clip the leads you can just place the coils and place the coils where you want them to be. Screws are good and screws locking the leads without problems. Now let me explain how to wick this rta properly, because it is very important on this rta. First, you need to be careful not to put to much cotton in the wicking slots because if you place to much cotton it will not wick properly. So for example if you use coils with 3mm inner diameter you want to fluff the cotton very nice and even cut it a little bit and then place it in the wicking holes, of course in the same time you want to make sure that you have enough cotton in the wicking slots. You can see on the picture how I did that and that way I have no problems with wicking, it works just great even when I chain vape and there is no any leaking.
    You can use the kylin 2 in dual coil configuration and you can use it in single coil configuration, so if you like single coil you can try it here, maybe you will like it with one coil more.
    Kylin 2 has different airlfow than previous kylin, which is good because they improved the airflow here. Under the coils you can see honeycomb airflow with 8 holes for airflow, but from the sides you can see 3 airflow stols on each side. The airflow is very good, very smooth airflow. You can see on the picture how airflow comes in and goes to the coil.
    In the package you will receive two coils, on the bag you can see coil specification. So, coil is triple fused clapton 28ga x 3 + 38ga, ni80 wire, 6 wraps, inner diameter of the coil is 3mm, resistance of the coil is 0.41ohm, in dual configuration this will be 0.2ohm with recommended power 50-70w.


    Using the kylin 2 rta

    Let's start with top fill system, first of all it is very easy to fill the tank, personally I like this top fill system because I can fill the tank very fast, there is no any leaking when you fill the tank as well.
    I also like the airflow here, kylin 2 has very nice and smooth airflow, trust me it is very smooth airflow, one of the best, if you ask me when it is fully open there is a lot of airflow and I like to use this rta with airflow half opened. Because there is a lot of airflow when it is fully opened you can use this rda at high power without any problems if you enjoy big clouds. For me it is perfect to use kylin between 55-60w, of course with airflow half opened in dual coil configuration. As I said earlier there is no any leaking or dry hits even when I chain vape, wicking is perfect, but as I said you need to place just right amount of cotton inside the wicking slots.
    I like to use kylin in dual coil configuration and in my opinon it works better with two coils, but it works just fine with one coil as well and you may enjoy if you like single coil build. Vapor production is very good, also vapor is dense. Flavor is very good, I can say one of the best out there for sure if you ask me. Because of the flavor this rda will be one of my favorite, trust me flavor is amazing on this rta. As I said you can use one coil here and maybe you get better performance with one coil, but in my opinion kylin 2 rta shows full potential with two coils. I would recommend this RTA to anyone because it works great and it gives top flavor.


    - First, it is very hard to find any con here, basically everything is absolutely fine, only thing that I can pick is that the airflow control ring is a little bit loose, but anyway it is not too loose and it can't move randomly for sure and I belive they fixed it because this is sample package.


    - I like the resin drip tip (subjecive)
    - Very easy and simple top fill system
    - Chamber has conical shape
    - Build quality is very good
    - Very smooth airflow
    - Flavor is amazing (one of the best)
    - Easy coil placement
    - Two drip tips in the package
    - You can use it with one coil or with two coils
    - Bubble glass tank

    Vandy vape kylin v2 RTA

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