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upgrade time - Need a no-nonsense setup. Box mod / tank suggestions

Discussion in 'Vape Politics and Media' started by electrico33, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. electrico33

    electrico33 New Member

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    Hey guys.

    I don't come on here too often be.comse I'm not often needing help, but hopefully someone more knowledgable and experienced can offer some guidance

    I currently run an itaste SVD with an aspire .comtilus. It's my no nonsense combo that gets me through every day without fail.

    I'm wanting to get a box mod and a new tank that I can just vape and be happy with.

    -I am not really interested in getting into rebuildables, sub-ohms or mechanical mods, just not my thing
    -I am not overly fussed with size or looks
    -I'd like a tank with readily available coils and a large capacity

    Can anyone suggest a decent entry level box mod?
    -Aspire ESP 30 watt?
    -Eleaf I stick?
    -Joytech egrip w/ built in tank?

    And as for tanks, I'm still deciding. Willing to spend what it takes to buy something solid.
    -3-5ml capacity
    -Option for pyrex or stainless steel tank .comse I break glass ones

    Hope someone can at least offer a few options for a setup that won't need any fiddling

  2. striker

    striker New Member

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    If you are not interested in subohm then my suggestion would be:

    Istick 30 or 50 W, which is more than enough wattage
    Aspire .comtilus
    Silo tank

    With these, you put your coil in, prime up the juice and off you go.

    SS tanks are good be.comse they are sturdy but a pain to see how much juice you have left.
  3. minhthai6788

    minhthai6788 New Member

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    Box Mod
    If it isn't to big, you might want to consider a MPV 3.0
    A SXmini S class might be a little more comfortable to use, & with everybody snapping up the M class, you might get one cheap!
    A Vapor Shark is a good solid option, but they scratch & mark easy.
    HeatVape is coming on strong, so keep an eye on them.
    If you win Lotto tonite; consider a Vapor Flask, a ZNA etc etc

    The Silo is heading the Non-Sub Ohm pack right now, & you can still use your .comt's coils in it !?!
  4. NuroInfortpotte

    NuroInfortpotte New Member

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    I have a heatvape defender, it's a solid mod, goes up to 36watts.
    There's no pass through, you have to leave it to recharge.
    With the istick 30w or 50w you can vape while it's on charge.
    Another vote for the Silo Tank.
  5. incvor

    incvor New Member

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    I'd either get an istick 30w or 50w, or a vaporshark dna30 which are on special at the moment in there clear out section. Will be delivered from overseas in less than a week.
    I'd put a silo or silo lite tank ontop. Nice and easy tank and good flavor etc.
  6. malvina

    malvina New Member

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    Go the iStick man, the more mods I try, the more I love my iStick 50. Enough power so that if you go into subohm, you wont need to upgrade again, passthrough battery, nice screen with ohm reader, nice feeling button, comfy in the hand and nice and compact.
    Couple it with the Beyond Vape Silo and that is pretty futureproof!

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