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Review on Kanger Pollex 200W Touch Screen Mod

Discussion in 'Vape Reviews' started by sourcemore, Sep 11, 2018.

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    Kanger Pollex Touch Screen Mod is a new type touch screen mod from Kangertech. It is endowed with slim metal body and excellent using interface. It will bring you more comfortable hand feeling and much clearer images. Powered by 3500mAh built-in battery, it reaches a maximum output of 200W. It also supports various working modes(beginner/intermediate/expert) to satisfy your different vaping needs.

    1. Massive 2.4-inch intuitive touch screen
    2. 4 selective UI languages
    3. Built-in 3500mAh battery with 200W output
    4. Beginner/intermediate/expert modes
    5. Changeable wall paper

    Review on Kanger Pollex Touch Screen Mod from u/Foment_life on Reddit. You can get the original review here

    The design of this device on a certain level apes the touch screen display aesthetic of the older iPhones, there’s but one physical button on the mod, being the fire button, and a rather crisp large display that makes up the bulk of the face of the mod. The 510 is center mounted, and the mod is 24mm deep, so anything over 24mm is going to overhang which is sort of unfortunate, but it does seem to cover a fair number of atomizers, and keeping the device small was clearly paramount to the design.The back of the mod bears a slight curve which makes it fairly comfortable to handle. The fire button is a pretty big one, especially relative to the size of the device. It is the one thing that might not really fit with the rest of the aesthetic, being a big red power symbol on the side of an otherwise very understated design on the device. The display, as I’ve said is fairly crisp for the size, and it is a remarkably responsive screen. I’ve had my doubts about touch screen displays on mods, expecting them to be some combination of sluggish and inaccurate. This manages to be neither. Some of that may be attributed to touch screen mod keeping a relatively small number of adjustments on the screen at any given point in time, but even when breezing through the menus the screen is responsive. There is really only one gripe I have with the screen. The screen displays two upward pointed arrows at all times, touching those arrows will lock the screen and turn on the screen saver, which is one of a few relatively cheesy images. The problem therein is that to unlock the screen, you triple tap the fire button, but the lock screen shows two upward pointing arrows as though you’re meant to swipe up to unlock, much like many cell phones. The breach of intuitive design notwithstanding it’s a pretty solid UI. The UI is actually really interesting in another facet. The modes are broken down into Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. Beginner locks you into VW mode, Intermediate grants access to the temp control modes, and Expert allows you to adjust a temperature curve within those TC modes or create a wattage curve in VW mode. Setting the curve can be a bit tricky, given how wide the range is on the touch screen, but the little + and - buttons in the bottom make it a bit easier to set the curve where you want it. Something of an aside, why are the curves built as a series of points with fixed values? Wouldn’t a relative value be more useful? Wouldn’t being able to say “begin 10% higher, then nominal/specified wattage, followed by 10% lower, etc be more useful? Change one number and your curve can be applied to a new atomizer straight away.

    Mod Performance
    Power mode, and the power curve work exactly as expected. Set wattage, hit fire, get vapor. About as stone simple as it gets. For all the talk of “fast firing” mods lately, this is a bit of a blast from the past though, and seems to take a second to get up to the preset wattage. It’s about as forgivable of a fault as you might find, but it certainly is a fault. The TC performance is, unique. It works fairly well. Not perfect, but serviceable for certain.The biggest gripe I have with the TC is that the wattage is completely unmodifiable. It strips some control away from you, which is doubly disappointing with the Expert mode allowing you to set a temp curve, but not a TC wattage. I do also wish it had a configurable TC mode, but all of the TC presets are locked in. if SS316L isn’t the stainless variant you’re looking for, you’re not going to be adjusting the TCR to compensate. That said, for the stainless profile it does have, it appears to work very well. One thing to note though is that the 3500mah battery isn’t really enough to get through a long day. A normal 9-5 work day for sure, but if you’re out and about for 12+ hours, or a heavy vaper, you’re not going to eek out a full day’s use without a recharge unless you’re using relatively low power atomizers.

    Clean UI
    Serviceable temp control
    Very comfortable to use
    Responsive screen


    Can’t adjust power output in TC mode
    lock/unlock feature is somewhat unintuitive given on screen display
    slightly larger battery would have gone a long way

    Final Thoughts

    Kanger Pollex Touch Screen Mod is a style first design. The device is actively aping the iPhone’s aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean that the features were an afterthought. Despite having an “expert” mode the mod does seem to hold a lot of control away from you. If that isn’t a problem for you, it’s a small pocket friendly design that packs plenty of power. It really is a solid daily carry type device if you’re looking for something that is both capable and portable. If all day battery life or absolute control of your settings is important for you though, it may not be the perfect fit for you. For someone looking for a step up between a pen style set up, and a bigger dual battery device with a bit more functionality and less fussing with things, it’s an above average device to look into.


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