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Joyetech RunAbout review

Discussion in 'Vape Reviews' started by wiz4vape, Oct 10, 2018.

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    Joyetech RunAbout comes in few different colors:

    - Oak texture
    - Riva
    - Red wood
    - Black wood
    - Marble
    - Zebra


    - Size: 117.0*30.5*15.5 mm
    - Weight: 77.5g
    - Battery capacity: 480mAh
    - E-liquid capacity: 2.0ml
    - Vape way: hold button to inhale
    - Mode: constant voltage output


    - Unique Yacht Style Pod Kit with Built-in 480mAh battery
    - Changeable Indicator Light with Multi Protections
    - 2ml RunAbout Cartridge with Easy Side Refill Design
    - Perfectly Compatible with Nic-salts

    In the box:

    - RunAbout Battery
    - 2 x Cartridge
    - USB Cable
    - Manual
    - Warranty Card
    - Warning Card
    - Spare Parts

    RunAbout is new pod system from Joyetech. It comes in few different colors, I received marble one. RunAbout has very interesting shape, inspired by the yacht, so it has very unique shape. This is subjective but I personally like the shape of the device and I can say that this device because of this unique shape is very comfortable in hand.
    Considering that this is a pod system, you can carry this one whereever you go with yourself, it is pocket friendly, weight of the device is 77g.
    Build quality looks very good, at least it feels like high quality pod device comparing it to some pod devices that I have, I'm not sure what material they used to build this device but it is not plastic for sure.

    So, let's start from the pod, from the bottom of the pod you can see the connection, when you receive the device it will have a sticker here to prevent activation, so to use the device you need to remove the sticker. On the part that is covered inside the slot you will be able to see a place where you will fill the pod and from the opposite side you can see one little slot for airflow, this is the only slot on the pod where airflow will go to the coil, I like the fact that the hole is small, because airflow is very important on the pod system. You can see the silicone plug that covers the hole for e liquid and you need to take off the plug in order to fill the pod. You can fit here gorilla bottle tip without any problems, but if you have bottles with bigger tip it will be hard for you to fill the pod. There is no any chance that plug can be opened randomly because it will be covered with the slot, but even without that plug stays very nice in the place. On the mouthpiece you can see one little hole for vapor, mouthpiece is comfortable for using.
    Pod has 2ml capacity, in the box you will receive one more pod. Capacity is pretty much good, considering that this device is made for high nicotine e liquids, you probably won't vape all the time.
    When you fill the pod, it is recommended to wait at least 10 minutes before you vape, because coil needs some time to be fully saturated with liquid, if you not wait, there is a good chance that you can experience dry hit and after that you won't be able to use that pod, so I strongly recommend to wait 10 minutes when you fill the pod with e liquid and then you can vape. Resistance of the coil in the pot is 1.2ohm.

    Build quality of the device looks very good as I already said, everything is well machined, you can't feel anything sharp here. You can see some details on the device, on the top of the device you can see engraved "Joyetech" and from the other side you can see engraved "RunAbout". From the top of the device you can see the slot for the pod, also in the slot you can see connection and we have here spring loaded pins. There is no any magnet in the slot, but pod still stays very nice in the place and there in no chance that it can fall out or move inside the slot, which is really good. You can place the pod in the slot without taking care where is the airflow hole on the pod, because from the both sides on the device there is slot for airflow, so basically one of the slots will always match with the airflow slot on the pod.


    Next that you can see is the fire button, usb port and under the usb port you can see led lights.
    So, when you want to vape you will need to press the fire button every time. The fire button works very good, also the fire button is protruding and it is not hard to find it when you want to vape, there is no miss fires, so far no problems with the fire button.
    You will use usb port here to charge your battery. This device has built in battery, the battery has 480mah capacity, so if you use e liquids with high nicotine, battery should last you at least a day because you will not use the device to chain vape, of course more capacity is always better, but I think this is enough for this device.
    This device has led lights, on the bottom of the device, inside the fire button and also when light is on you will be able to see the light in the pod and that way will be easier to see remaining e liquid in the pod. So you can use led lights or if you prefer you can turn the lights off. Also led light is battery indicator and after you press the fire button light will turn on and it wll show you the battery capacity, when battery is full light will stay lit or it will flash slowly with high battery life, on the contraty it will flash quickly and that means that you need to charge the battery. If you turn off the led lights, also when you release the fire button light will show you the battery life.
    This device has constant voltage output, this device will always give the same power and it will not depend on the battery life, personally I like constant voltage output.


    This pod device is very simple for using, to turn this device on you need to click 5 times on the fire button, to turn it off you also need to click 5 times on the fire button. When this device is on you can adjust your led lights, you can choose between few colors and also you can turn off the light if you prefer that more.
    To change the color of the led light you need to click 3 times on the fire button when the device is turned on, then you need to click on the fire button to change the colors or to turn off the light.
    You can choose between:
    - Red
    - Yellow
    - Green
    - Blue
    - Indigo
    - White
    - Purple

    This device has also some protections:

    - Timeout protection
    - Over-charging protection
    - Short-circuit protection
    - Over-discharging protection

    How this device works:

    Let me start from the shape of the device, this device has very different shape than other pod systems, it is unique and it stands out because of it, someone will like the shape, someone won't, personally I like the shape of it, in my opinion it is very comfortable for using and it has protruding fire button and you can easily find it when you pick up the device to vape.
    If you like the led lights, you can play here and change the color of the light, I personally use the device without lights, but I like the fact that light will always show capacity of the battery, this is very important to me because even if I turn off the light battery indicator will stay. But you can't turn off the battery indicator and that you may not like, but as I said I personally like it and it is important to me.
    On any pod system one of the most important things is the airflow and I think the airflow here is very good, this is a real mtl device and airflow is almost the same as on my mtl atty that I use every single day which is good and if you prefer real mtl vaping you will like the airflow here, this is a huge plus in my opinion.
    Considering that I refilled this pod many times, I can say that you will have no problems with gorilla bottles or bottles with smaller tip, but if you have bottles with bigger tip you will not be able to fill the pod, maybe this can be a con for someone, but there are plenty of bottles that you can use to fill the pod and for me this is not a con.
    Pod works very good, there is no dry hits and there is no leaking so far.
    About flavor and throat hit, I use tobacco liquid here and I tried it with 8mg nicotine and 24mg nicotine.
    It works good with tobacco, flavor is very solid. Throat hit with 8mg is soft, but with 24mg is really good, as it supposed to be because this is the pod system that works good with nic salt liquids, basically you will take 2-3 puffs and you will be okay. Vapor production for one pod system is very good, there is more vapor than smoke on cigarette, which is really good, especially for begginers. So basically I can pick only one thing that can bother you and that is hole for e liquid because you can't use bigger bottles, but you can always get gorilla bottles and you will be fine, this is nothing big. Anyway this device is very good and well built device that you can use for mtl vaping with nic salts, this device is good for begginers that want to quit smoking and for experienced users that want to use nic salt liquids.

    You can get it here: Joyetech RunAbout



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