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Is It Safe For Chicago Bears Fans To Invest In A New Game Jersey?

Discussion in 'Vape Talk' started by supkill124, May 16, 2021.

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    When you are a fan of a team, you want to have the latest and greatest gear to wear on game day to show your support. If you have been a fan for a long time, you know the cost of that merchandise has gone up in price quite a bit over the last few years. To cheer for your favorite organization, it has turned into an investment.To get more news about Men Elite chicago bears, you can visit bearsbuy official website.

    Like many other Bears fans, Thursday night I was camped out in front of the television eagerly waiting to witness how bad the management was going to screw up the team this year. I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only did they pull off "the" trade of the weekend, but they also made an amazing selection. Their pick was a possible future franchise quarterback. Something Chicago has never been able to accomplish.

    After that first-round draft pick, the Chicago Bears Fan Nation was so excited. The internet and social media were being blasted with positive comments. What was thought the impossible, actually came true.

    As a lifelong fan of the Bears, I have a closet full of jerseys from former players that I had high hopes for. I do not want to get rid of them because it is gear from my favorite team but I do not want to wear them either because I do not want to be "that guy."

    Like I said before, they cost a lot of money, especially nowadays. Unless you purchase the knock-offs from the internet but those usually look bad. Lately, I have played it safe and stuck with legends. That way I know that it is timeless merchandise.

    I had this idea several years ago. All I need is an investor to get it started if you are interested. It is jersey insurance. When you buy a jersey, it would give you an option to purchase insurance for it. Kind of like that extra warranty when you buy a television if it breaks.

    If you elect to get the special coverage and the player of the jersey you bought is a flop, gets hurt, waived, traded, or something similar, then you get your money back. I think it is a great deal and many fans would go for it.

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