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interesting smell theory for salespeople

Discussion in 'Vape Modding and Technical' started by maria_5100, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. maria_5100

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    i have that moronic tv show 'braniac' on at the moment. losing iq points rapidly but they just did one interesting experiment . a first.

    apparently its easier to sell a house if full of nice cooking smells, they tried it at a car boot sale. 2 identical booths, one fumigated with brewed coffee then cooking bacon then bread cooking smells.
    no sales or interest till they started the smells, cooking bread was by far the best.
    thought peeps with shops might want to experiment with this :)
  2. chemoabnona

    chemoabnona New Member

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  3. Sweeptats

    Sweeptats New Member

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    have heard the recommendation previously from Real Estate Sales folks about baking bread/cakes for open days.
    Interesting article here
    ALWAYS INSPIRING MORE... : The scent of a must-have
    Main point is probably this (referring to the connection straight to the subconcious mind rather than going through the "thinking" part of our brain

    Feelings and memories

    From birth on human beings possess a sense of smell. As we go through life we experience more and more different odors, store them in the brain and refine our ability to tell one scent from another.
    The sense of smell is particularly fascinating be.comse it is mainly registered in the sub-conscious. An olfactory stimulus must be sufficiently strong to make its way into our consciousness – only then, do we notice that we are smelling something.
    The nose is also the only sense organ that sends its impulses unfiltered from the olfactory cerebrum to the amygdala, the part of the limbic system in the brain.
    This means that the impulses bypass the centers of the cerebral cortex that normally present an obstacle, and enter the sub-conscious directly.
    There, these impulses awaken feelings and memories.
    This is where the key to the question whether our buying behavior can be influenced by scent lies.
    Feelings and memories can be positive, they can reflect b.comty and pleasure and thus induce consumers to buy a product.
    However they can also put us off – if we are repulsed or feel uncomfortable then we will definitely keep our distance from the product and from the purchase.

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