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Geekvape loop 1.5 RDA review

Discussion in 'Vape Reviews' started by wiz4vape, Sep 13, 2018.

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    Loop 1.5 rda comes in few different colors:

    - Rainbow
    - Gunmetal
    - Gold
    - Black
    - SS
    - Blue



    - Diameter: 24mm
    - Height: 26mm without drip tip and 510 pin


    - Arrayed airflow design provides precise control
    - Honeycomb bottom airflow ensures an ultra smooth airflow that enhances the flavor significantly
    - Unique W shaped build deck
    Easy coil building for both single and dual coil.
    Allows direct dripping from the mouthpiece without leaking
    - Surround airflow system transferring from side to bottom
    Full effectiveness of the airflow delivery and significantly enhancing the flavor
    Side to bottom airflow minimizes leakage
    - One-piece airflow cap placed in a fixed position
    Ensures airflows are always in the correct position
    Convenient airflow adjustments
    - Standard 510 pin and Raised BF squonk 510 pin included

    In the package:

    - Loop V1.5 RDA
    - Bottom Feed Pin
    - Tool
    - 510 drip tip adaptor
    - Spare screws
    - Spare o rings
    - Allen key
    - 810 drip tip


    Geekvape loop 1.5 RDA is the new version of Geekvape loop RDA. Build deck has W shape same as previous version, but main difference on the deck is the airflow, they changed airflow a lot, but I will write more about that later. Diameter of loop 1.5 is 24mm, height is 26mm without drip tip and 510 pin. Build quality is as I expected, very good as always on Geekvape products, you can't find any sharp edges, threads on 510 connection are good. Loop 1.5 rda is made out of stainless steel.
    This is dual coil rda, but if you like you can use it in single coil configuration.

    You can see very nice engraved details all across the atomizer except on the airflow ring, on the ring you can see engraved "LOOP". From the bottom of loop you can see engraved "Loop 1.5 RDA" and "Designed by Geekvape", on the base you can see two o rings.
    In my opinion loop rda looks very nice, especially I like engravings all across the rda.


    Loop rda comes with 810 ultem drip tip without o ring and you can use other drip tips here as well, I tried few different 810 drip tips and everything is okay. Diameter of drip tip is 18mm, height of drip tip is 8mm, this one is really comfortable for using. In the package you will also receive one more 810 drip tip, this one is a little bit taller that the other one, on this drip tip you can see engraved "Geekvape". This drip tip is also very comfortable for using, but I prefer drip tip that came pre installed, cause it is shorter and for me it is just a little bit more comfortable. In the package you will also receive adaptor for 510 drip tips in case that you like to use 510 drip tips.

    Top cap and chamber are in one piece and in the middle you can see the airflow ring. Chamber has conical shape which is really good, cuz airflow that way is smooth and flavor is better. In the chamber you can see notches, so that way chamber won't move around when you are adjusting your airflow and also because of notches airflow holes will always be in the correct position.
    On the airflow ring you can see 3 holes for airflow and holes are separated on 7 smaller, which is different than on previous version and it is much better, holes are also bigger than on previous version. When you use this rda with two coils you will use 2 of this holes, but when you are using loop in single coil configuration you will use only one hole. When you use this rda with two coils and when you adjusting your airflow, what you adjust on one side it will be the same on the another side. Airflow control ring works very well, there's no any problem with it.


    Build deck has very interesting shape, it is shaped in W, same as the previous version, but here we have honeycomb airflow, which is one of the best airflow. Coil placement is the same as on the previous version, you can see screws from both sides.
    On the build deck you can see 20 small holes and 4 bigger holes for airflow, on one side there are 10 small holes and two bigger holes, same is on the another side. Air will hit the coils from the bottom and from sides. Under the coil you can see 2 big holes and smaller holes are placed that way that air from that holes will hit the coils from sides.
    On the deck you can see two big airflow slots, from the chamber air will come to that slots and from there air will go through smaller holes to the coil. I really like the way that airflow works because of flavor and airflow is really smooth. Slots are placed at angle and because of that it will be hard to make it leak, of course you can make it leak but basically if you use this rda as you should there will be no leaking, which is really good.
    When you fully open both holes there is a lot of airflow, so you can use this rda on bigger power.

    Placing coils here is pretty much easy, we have 4 holes on the deck for leads. First you need to measure and cut leads of the coil and after that you just need to put leads in holes and tight down screws. After that you will need to use you tool for coils and adjust your coil. When you adjusting your coil make sure to put it in the place where airflow can hit the coil from bottom and from sides. With loop 1.5 you can use bigger coils if you like, because on the deck there is a lot of space. Wicking holes are big and you can very easy wick this rda, just make sure because juice well is deep to place your cotton that way so cotton can touch the bottom of it.


    In the box you will receive both, regular 510 pin and squonk pin.
    This rda is very good for using with regular mod, mostly because airflow slots are placed at angle. You can freely drip through the drip tip here and you don't have to worry about leaking, also because of the shape of the base when you drip, liquid will go to both coils and both coils will be good saturated. Juice well is deep so it can hold nice amount of e liquid and airflow ring is placed on the middle of the rda. E liquid that come in airflow holes will go through holes in the juice well, which is perfect. So basically you will be fine as long as you don't want to make it leak.
    If you want to use loop 1.5 with squonk pin, I can tell you this rda works good with squonk mods also. Under the build deck liquid will go in the juice well through 2 little holes on the pin and again because of airflow slots it will be hard to make it leak.
    As I said, if you like you can use this rda with single coil configuration, but in my opinion it works better with two coils, flavor with two coils is better in my opinion, but if you like you can use it with one coil.
    I tried here different coils, coils with one single wire and more complex coils and it works good, but in my opinion it works better with more complex coils.
    When I open both airflow holes fully, this rda can produce a lot of vapor, so maybe if you like cloud chase you can use this one. Flavor is very good, honeycomb airflow works very good. If you use right amount of cotton wicking is very good and you can chain vape if you like.
    Right now I'm using coils with 3mm inner diameter on 50-60 watts and ariflow opened more than a half, this is best for me on this RDA.
    Loop 1.5 rda has a lot of air, even more than previous one, flavor is also better on this one because of airflow.
    Basically this is very good rda with good flavor, but if you like big clouds and exotic coils you may consider this one.

    You can get it here: Loop 1.5 RDA


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