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Freemax Marvos X 100W - The God of War, Eagle, and Horse

Discussion in 'FreeMax' started by freemaxvape, Jun 15, 2022.

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    In addition to the super cool, shiny, and modern lighting design,Marvos X 100W Kit also has a gorgeous back leather panel, which integrates vintage elements associated with Roman mythology. These elements include the god of war, eagle, and horse, and they are embossed into the leather and give the Marvos X a sophisticated look. The design of the god of war was inspired by Mars, the Roman god of war who led the army to victory and also represented the protector in times of peace.

    In Roman myth, the eagle is the symbol of the king of the gods, Jupiter, and thus is seen to symbolize divine figures, power, freedom, and good omen. The horse is believed to have been created by Neptune, the god of the sea, and it often signifies honor, loyalty, nobility, willpower, and the balance between desire and duty. The hidden meanings of these designs might be an incredibly nuanced way of showing your personality.

    Please watch the video about the Roman mythology pattern of Marvos X 100W Kit:

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