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Freemax Coiltech From FM 1.0 to FM 4.0 Introduction

Discussion in 'FreeMax' started by freemaxvape, Oct 30, 2020.

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    Freemax mesh sub ohm tanks are welcomed by many vapers because its good flavor with long lasting pure taste and long life span of its vape coils. All these outstanding features of Freemax sub ohm tanks should give the credit to Freemax innovative Coiltech.


    Now the development of Freemax Coiltech is from FM 1.0 to FM 4.0, and different Freemax tanks adopt different FM Coil technology.

    1. Freemax Fireluke M Tank adopting FreeMax COILTECH 1.0: World’s First Mesh Coil in the form of connected strands of metal along with 100% Japanese organic cotton.

    2. M Pro Tank utilizing FreeMax COILTECH 2.0: HoneyComb Mesh with 90% Flax Fiber (Wood Pulp) Cotton and 10% Japanese Organic Cotton Formula.

    3. Fireluke 2 Tank adopting FreeMax COILTECH 3.0: Diamond mesh with 90% Tea Fiber Cotton and 10% Japanese Organic Cotton Formula.

    4. Fireluke 3 andf M Pro 2 Tank utilizing FreeMax COILTECH 4.0: Military Grade SS904L Mesh with Tea Fiber Cotton formula (95% Tea Fiber Cotton plus 5% Organic Cotton)

    If you want to know more information about Freemax Coiltech, please enter freemaxvape.com directly.

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