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Discussion in 'Vape DIY Juice / Recipes / Mixing' started by Brian Gomes, May 5, 2020.

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    Ever since LeBron James made the move out to Miami his sneakers have had plenty of colorways paying tribute to his newfound geography, from the glitz of ‘South Beach’ to the local ‘Hurricanes’ squad. Filling in the gaps a bit is this NIKE iD crafted pair of the nike tenis, perfectly executing a no-brainer Miami Dolphins colorway on the sneaker, and it seems that the NFL-team inspired colorway has been the ‘hot’ item with ‘South Beach’ being gracefully retired. Click through with us to check out this sick Nike LeBron X iD creation and let us know in the comments what kind of colorways you’ve been putting together via the customizable process, and if you’ve already designed your pair and have ’em coming in the mail soon, don’t hesitate to share with us!
    adidas eqt always middles between futuristic and retro, sometimes blending the two with their upgraded revivals. But more recently, it seems the brand has taken a more delicate approach to their once vaulted classics, opting to instead recolor them for the contemporary audience. As has been done with their now expanding ZX line, the EQT Gazelle has been brought back from the late 90s in a vast array of different looks, and its latest — hued in grey and shock yellow — is set to be one of the silhouette’s most compelling in quite a long time. Its exterior leathers and underlying mesh dye to the neutral for a versatile display, with accents choosing bold as the three stripes along the side and the laces dress to the bright yellow.
    New Balance’s relatively new balance 247 silhouette made its debut in 2017, and offered a more modernized feel than most other options the retro band draws up. Taking influence from the 998 and the 574, the 247 is made with knit toe and collar units, while sporting smooth synthetic nubuck quarter panels. NB recently rolled out this new “Candy Pink” color scheme that combines soft pink and grey colors to create and attractive aesthetic that would be a welcome addition to any one’s New Balance collection.
    puma rihanna and Puma are back once again with another unique addition to their increasingly popular FENTY collection. Dubbed the Avid Trainer, this new offering is ready for the summer months ahead, as it boasts an opening in its midfoot that exposes the wearer’s foot – allowing for a cool and comfortable ride. Slated to arrive in two colors, one sports a louder blue tone with red Puma branding, while the second option has a more subdued feel with cream and black as its focal point, and very subtle hits of blue mixed in.
    Commenting on social media culture with Vans at their side, COUTIÉ ushers in their own take on the vans old skool [​IMG] with neon brandished type spelling out their thoughts on how misleading influencers lives can seem through their front-facing cameras. Uppers, which bear a smooth suede almost velvet-like in presentation, are dressed almost solely in a black tone complete with darkened sole units as well as matching tongue and lining. Laces contrast in white shade just as the fonts at the vamp and profile, the latter of which sporting “THEY HIDE A PRETTY LIE. NOTHING MORE, NOR LESS” and the former taking one word from the collection’s namesake.

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