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Elegomall Vape Giveaway, Free shipping, Coupons - China's National Day

Discussion in 'Vape Reviews' started by Elegomall, Sep 30, 2018.

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    Elegomall Vape Giveaway, Free shipping, Coupons - China's National Day

    Hey Friends,
    China's National Day has arrived at. Elegomall provides the big giveaway and special coupon for all the vape users.
    Also, you can enjoy the free shipping service from Elegomall.
    All the items are free shipping for the retail customers.
    You can log in Elegomall account and see the lower price.


    Get the special vape coupon code first:
    Wholesale customer, 3% OFF for everything--Code: WNA3
    Retail customer, 10% OFF for everything--Code: RNA10
    Valid Time: Sept.28th-Oct.8th, 2018

    Here we provide 2 interesting gleams for you.

    NO 1:
    We will send you 8pcs free vape devices.
    2 * OBS Cube Starter Kit

    2 * Innokin EQ pod System Kit
    2 * Horizon Falcon Tank
    2 * Advken Manta Tank
    Join to win Elegomall 8pcs Free Giveaway now: ElegoMall National Day Holiday Giveaway

    NO 2:
    We will send you 3pcs VOOPOO VFL Pod System Kit
    Come and win the free VOOPOO VFL Pod System Kit.


    Please share with your friend about this good news.
    Which item would you prefer in Elegomall.Com?

    Share with us in the comment.
    We will try to do the giveaway next time.
    Enjoy it and good luck to you[​IMG]

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