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Dab Pens are the Superior Choice Compared to Vape and Wax Pens!

Discussion in 'New Vapers Forum' started by Dr Good Dabs, Jan 16, 2020.

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    Looking for a substance pen to satisfy your needs? Bombarded with a constant stream of choices and information and just want to know what to pick so you can get rid of the thinking and get onto the inhaling? Here is the brief overview of different pens that you want and the answer to your question: Why are dab pens the best?

    The Others

    Two other kinds of pens that you can locate on the internet are vape and wax pens. Basically, vape pens vaporize the contents of oil or liquid THC cartridges, which you can then inhale through the device. Wax pens, on the other hand, do as their name suggests and melt down wax concentrates through a heated coil, which you can then—you guessed it—inhale through the device.

    Both of these pens can come with a myriad of problems, whether that is unadvertised and unwanted additives that wreck your tongue along with your health or just a general messiness that could make your clothes stink so bad you might never wash it out.

    The Dab Pen

    So what is the dab pen? While you might be disappointed to learn that it cannot guarantee you will become a great dancer, you might also be pleasantly surprised to know that with dab pens, you get the best of all worlds. With dab pen kit, you get pure product concentrated to its most flavorful form, without the messiness. Why take your chances with an enigmatic oil or liquid cartridge when you can know exactly what you are getting with a solid dab?

    Now that you are convinced, go ahead and find some serious quality dab pens by clicking on “Shop Online” at the top of this site. Join the Dr. Good Dabs family today!

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